recc for nars pink blush and gloss?

  1. i use outlaw and risky business right now, and i have an olive complexion.thanks!
  2. Deep Throat, it's a beautiful peachy pink.Goes well with the Sweet Dreams lipgloss
  3. Another vote for Deep Throat. My mom has an olive complexion and it looks perfect on her. Never used the gloss.
  4. turkish delight is a very pretty lipgloss
  5. ^^ Yes! I love "turkish delight" gloss, and NARS "orgasm" blush.
  6. The Nars Orgasm didnt suit me at all and im olive too.
  7. My mom (olive comp.) tried my Nars Orgasm before she bought the deep throat and you couldn't see on her at all.

    On a side note, I sure never thought I'd throw around words like orgasm, deep throat and mom all in the same sentence.:p
  8. LOL! that made my day.
  9. Another vote for Nars Orgasm blush. This truly looks great on everyone. I have fair skin and it gives just the right amount of pink for a natural glow.

    As for lip gloss, I would recommend Chihuahua. You may also want to look into Dior lip glosses (they have great pink hues as well).
  10. Try Nars the Multiple in Portofino. It works as both a cream blush and a lip color (just put a little clear gloss over it, since it does get kind of dry...) It's got just the right amount of pigment, IMO.
  11. The most beautiful NARS blush ever is Cactus Flower - it looks HOT pink in the pan, but it gives the most natural flush ever! It also has TEENY TINY micro gold sparkles (you can barely see them) that just add a little something special.
    I have 11 nars blushes - but Cactus Flower is my HOLY GRAIL. I know everyone likes orgasm, but I think that's just because of the name. I have a light-to-medium olive complexion and by the time I got it to show up on my face it looked like sparkly dirt - like a dirty disco-ball face. My friend (who was also sucked in by the name) had the same experience.

    Seriously don't be a sheep! Try cactus flower! :heart:
  12. Try NARS Sin Blush, the color is some kinda warm berry with gold shimmer
  13. I vote for NARS cactus flower cream blush with orgasm over it...Madly is also a really nice pink
  14. Agreed! :tup:

    My mom and I both have fair skin, and we both use Nars Orgasm blush. I think it looks really nice, and like bubbleloba said - it gives the perfect amount of pink, and looks very natural.