1. for forward facing car seats, which do you prefer - RECARO or BRITAX?

    what are your experiences with either one? how do you like your Britax? how do you like your Recaro?

    Thank you!
  2. I have both. I have the Britax Roundabout and Marathon and the Recaro Young Sport. We bought the two Britax Convertibles first and used them from birth and bought the Young Sport which converts to a Booster and has side impact protection when our daughter turned one and was heavy enough to sit facing forward. Due to the style of my Britaxes and the style of my Recaro it is kind of like comparing apples and oranges but it seems as though she is more comfortable in the Recaro than the Britaxes. Also, the Recaro seems to have a better fit on my Honda Odyssey van's seats. I am really happy with the Recaro and will probably buy one more for my son when he is old enough and heavy enough. If you have any specific questions about the two I'll try to asnwer them.

    Oh, have to add this--fashion-wise I love the Britax seats. We have one Zebra-stripe and one Leopard Print.
  3. bought a Britax for my DD when she was 8 months old and it's all I've ever bought since! :biggrin:
  4. I just bought a BRITAX for my daughter
  5. No experience with Recaro, but very much like Britax. DH and I each have a decathalon in our cars and we bought a roundabout for DS's nanny to use in her car. Just be sure to check that your seatbelts - the metal part that clicks in to the slot - fit thru the openings in the carseat. For my car (a 2000 Saab), the DID NOT fit thru on one of the Britax models (sorry, can't remember which; maybe the Boulevard??) but they do fine on the Decathalons.

    Also.... one of my SILs worked in the polymer/resin industry that supplies carseat manufacturers and she advised that even if it's only a slight fender-bender, write to the company who makes your car seat. If you have been in a car accident, many/most companies will replace your carseat free of charge. You may need to send them the one that went thru the accident.
  6. I have a Britax Marathon for my son and I love it. He is a tall child and he fits in it so perfectly. He gives me no problems going into it. Also, another plus, it is very easy to clean.

    I plan on getting another for this baby too.
  7. We have both as well. I have the Britax Marathon and I can't remember the Recaro model. We really like both, but each has its pros and cons.

    This is what I would say:

    The Recaro is actually heavier than the Britax. Yep, that sucker is heavy. The Britax is no slouch, but the Recaro is heavier. The Recaro is based on race car seat technology, so it is dense/heavy and low to the seat. The Recaro material is heavier. If you deconstruct your Britax, there is actually quite a bit of styrofoam in there. (My little guy threw up all over the seat once so we took it apart to clean.)

    My ds started using both when he was about a year. He's 2 now. He prefers riding in the Marathon because the seat is higher and he can see out of the window. The Recaro seat is much lower. It puts him about 2 inches above the seat of the car. The Marathon is maybe 4 inches high off the sear of the car. He can't see look out the window as well in the Recaro. However, as he gets taller and older, this will be less of an issue.

    The Britax seat is wider. If you're looking down at the seat, it looks like this \_/ so it flares out a bit. If other people are sitting in the back seat with your dc, it may be uncomfortable. The Recaro seat is more like this |_|

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.
  8. I just bought this baby today! My little one loves it so far.. it's very comfy and soft!

    It's the Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX in Sandbox colored fabric. I liked the fact that it can be used rear-facing for up to 35 lbs.

    Good luck with your decision!
  9. Britax. So much that it is the only brand we've used for more than 10 years. Love it!
  10. We've got two Britax Marathons, and love them. Plus, the Marathon comes in some great designer fabrics. I honestly don't know much about Recaro baby seats- I am into cars, so I do know they have great racing seats. But my intial feeling is that Britax specializes in baby/kid seats, where Recaro just kind of made them as an addon to the brand- which makes me a little uncomfortable with them. Have you done any safety comparisons, like on Consumer Reports or somewhere like that?
  11. I have the Britax Marathon and Recaro Young Sport. Both provide side impact protection. The Britax is bulkier, more spacious, and lighter. According to my DH, Britax's base is not as solid and sturdy as the Recaro. We use the Britax in our SUV (Escalade, in the rear/center). We also bought the Recaro since it's a bit more compact and fits into our sedan(Mercedes). Because it is smaller and more compact, I'm hoping it will eventually fit in my Porsche.
  12. I have never heard of Recaro seats but we have 2 Britax Boulevard seats, one for my car & one for hubby's. I absolutely love the seats, they are rated very high for safety, they have a spacious seat and are very sturdy. I would buy this seat again in a minute!
  13. I learned so much by visiting The forums are filled with information and most members are certified car seat instructors/installers. Both car seats are used by many members, (the Britax is probably more popular between the two).

    I use Britax Marathons. I have tall children and the backs on that model is the tallest available through Britax while not being too wide/large for a toddler. Also, my DD is 20 months old and still rear-facing up to 35 lbs so she has 9 more lbs to go before she has to switch to forward-facing. My 4 year-old DD is forward-facing in a Britax Marathon and the weight limits for forward-facing are 65 lbs.

    Good luck - that site is amazing, check it out!
  14. hayden - it fits a porsche. our porsche sales guy recommended it. it's the only carseat the can fit the back of porsches (acc. to him).

    thanks everyone for the input!
  15. That's great news! :heart: I was worried I'd have to keep it in storage til my son turns 7 or sell the car. :girlsigh:

    Have you decided which carseat to get? I gather you would have to buy more than 1 carseat (1 for your DH, yours, and/or babysitter/grandparents?).