Recalling Coach File Pack?

  1. Have any of you heard about the recalling of the Coach File Pack? :amazed: My friend went to Bloomies to check out this bag and the SA there told her that it's a defective item and Coach is now recalling all the File Packs from the stores. I can't believe that bag is defective! I wanted one too... :cry: That listing is already removed from the Coach website! :shocked:
  2. I wonder what was wrong w/ them to be recalled!?! Since it's recalled do you know if they are even going to come back out with them.
  3. I have a patchwork file bag, is that being recalled, and why? I love that thing, they will have to pry it out of my hands. lol

    ETA: Are you sure it did not just sell out? A month ago they told me there were only 130 or so left.
  4. what about the new scarf one? is that one okay?
  5. I think it's ONLY the file pack that's being recalled and I'm not sure why. My friend just told me this last night and I was just surprised and confused. :blink: Her SA is packing up their file packs and mailing them back to Coach corporate for inspection.

    I hope I'm not starting a rumor... :Push:
  6. I just bought one with my 25% off and I have heard nothing about it but please let us know if you hear anything. I think they just sold out.
  7. yeah i checked out coach at paramus and they said they werent going to recieve any file packs this season..odd.