Rec from Bal in Paris: Cleaning Bal Bags with Eggyolk or Vaseline!

  1. I just got off the phone with an SA (did'nt catch her name) but she checked with her manager and they are recommending that bags are cleaned with a cloth dipped in eggyolk or vaseline!

    The SA and I thought this was bizarre but the store is reccommending these methods to their customers!

    Has anyone else heard this or tried it?
  2. No, I haven't, but I can't see myself rubbing eggs on my bag. Are we supposed to rinse it off afterwords? Maybe the vaseline though.
  3. uumm...... I'm thinking NO WAY! Especially since you didnt get the name of the SA you talked to. Just sounds nuts to me.
  4. I definatly rang the Paris store and I heard her check with her collegue on this one.

    I just spoke to NY and they've never heard of that recomendation. They said that cleaning and maintencance should be handled by a leather pro. He did'nt even recommend Apple Garde.

    Anyway, just reporting what I've been told.

    I'm not going to try especially since my bag is HEAPS dirty and not even bleach (I presume) will get the stains out! I'm having marginal success with Coach cleaner.
  5. what will they think of next? :amazed:
    cleaning b-bags is so inventive. :lol:
  6. Is the Coach Cleaner removing any color from your bag?

    Did they specify egg whites? If I had a really dirty bag, I would probably try it just on a very inconspicuous tiny spot...
  7. My pale pink bag is very pale anyway (check my other thread!) so it's hard to pick but so far, it seems fine.

    The cleaner is taking off alot of grime from the handles.

    Paris specifically said: "the yellow part of the egg"!
  8. No kidding ... the yolk, huh? Very interesting ... :smile:
  9. That is the strangest thing......saying that, I saw a shoe being polished with a banana skin the other day.
  10. Aww hell no! There is no way I would rub raw egg or vaseline on a bag that cost that much. I probably wouldn't do it to a cheap bag either. Raw eggs are unsanitary! And vaseline...well...there is no un-doing the damage that might cause!
  11. I wonder if I am still sleeping.... :P
    Is this thread serious? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. wow, i've never heard of anything like that! whenever i was in there, they suggested always always leaving the bag alone
  13. That's absolutely insane! Could there be something lost in translation here?

    I wouldn't egg my bag...nor lube her up with oil-based way. However, these methods would likely work on people, but you can rinse us off in the shower afterwards ;o)
  14. First of all the raw egg yolk would dry and then the bag would become very very smelly. Hello, rotten egg smell?

    I think a SA was just being evil.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    funniest thing I've heard all week