Rec a SA at Bal NY please

  1. I used to speak with Joseph :sad:. Who else is wonderful to deal with and will send me exactly what I want?
  2. currently, i'm working with kim. i've spoken w/ terry in the past. i hear daphne is awesome too. i recommend any of these 3. :tup:
  3. Daphne is amazing. She really listens to you to help you figure out what you want. She is also very honest. Love her!!!
  4. I don't want to give away my secret of the best SA ... low key, low pressure, excellent follow-up ... very nice ... well, it's Kim. She's been recommended so much on this forum that I'm afraid she's going to get overwhelmed. Same thing w/Daphne.

    One that I've heard only good things about but doesn't get mentioned very much is Daisy, so you might want to try her! Another SA in that category would be Sarah - does anyone know if she's still there?
  5. I believe that Sarah has moved on to another store.
  6. I was with Joseph, who I loved, and now Daphne. She is a sweetheart and very honest and knowledgeable. At times when she has been gone, I've been assisted by Liz, who was really great and very nice, though she didn't know me from whatever. Now that I think about it, I've dealt with Daisy, too, and she was very sweet and helpful. Also Leslie, who I guess is the manager, has always been very nice. I know people have different experiences, but I have been very lucky in dealing with BNY. And I know what it's like to have a handbag horror experience, because I've had them elsewhere!!
  7. I recommend Daphne as well! She responses to you promptly w/no attitude.
  8. I believe she's the one who's moved on to work for Dior.

    I highly recommend both Terry and Daphne
  9. I really liked Terry..
    Shes totally low-key and nice to work with:tup:
  10. I have only worked with Kim, but have spoken with Daphne whenever Kim was on leave. I would definitely recommend both...
  11. i have dealt with whit and daisy and i think they're pretty good :smile:
  12. Kim
  13. I have been working with Daisy. SHe is really sweet and patient. : )
  14. Whit was super nice and patient with me as I went through colors upon colors!
  15. Well, is there anyone we've missed now? I think every SA has probably been named...good luck choosing! ;) BTW, is Whit Male or Female?