Rebuttal: How One Could ROCK a Floral Madison!

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I have been seeing how everyone is hurling over the new Floral Madison bags, but I beg to differ. I think they have a sweet bulldog kind of quality that could make them work if they were carried the right way.

    First, it's obvious that those bags are not practical. If you buy one you may only wear it a few times, but hey, MANY of you are rolling like that ANYWAY :P

    However, if you are seriously into pastels, ruffles, and all that is French and frilly, a Floral Madison would be a high fashion spring bag that REALLY stands out.

    I anticipate a celebrity sighting, and watch it be cute! A pale pink summer blouse with ruffles dressed down with skinny jeans, some REALLY cute leather flats and a Floral Madison - it works!

    Anybody out there seeing the possibilities with this?
  2. I can see the Sabrina Floral being worn with a white free flowing blouse and dark jean shorts with cute sandals or pumps in the summer. Coach sunglasses of course.
  3. Well, personally I do not like it, but so often, I can be convinced. I own a few bags that I did not particularly like when I first saw them. For a bag like the Floral Madison, you need a very simple, unaccessorized (yep, I don't believe that's a real word) outfit IMO.
  4. oh yeah! I can see celebs walkin around on the sidewalks between shops rockin the audrey!

    If you have the money to splurge on it - do it ... for me I don't think it would correlate w/ my everyday sweats, lol
  5. I'm sorry, not to offend those who like this print, but it honestly looks like G-ma's couch to me! Buuuut... maybe it could be pulled off with a white sundress and sandals?
  6. The print is much prettier IRL than it photographs. A pair of white skinnny jeans, a lavender fitted T, chunky gold bangles, gold strappy sandals, and that bag would be so chic! As soon as it hits the outlets I'm there!
  7. I'll be second in line. I want the Audrey Floral.... maybe in the fall.
  8. :throwup: :throwup: :throwup:
  9. Ha ha ha ha!!!! That's funny.
  10. Its also tough to envision with 3 feet of snow on the ground and -2 windchill. I think the timing is a season too early.
  11. It's that very "Grandmama Lucy" quality that makes it hot! But again, the hotness is relative to the style of the woman carrying it. Most of us simply couldn't pull it off because that style is simply too distinct. I, however, like Grandmama Lucy style in spurts (but my mom is 70 years old while I am only 30).

    I'm pretty sure I will be getting the Floral Madison wristlet. That small burst of granny is PERFECT for me. I just need to figure out what bag I want to go with it. Not doing a FP bag right now, so I need some ideas...thinking of a neutral spring tote that doesn't cost a million dollars AND would look nice with the floral print wristlet...but I don't want a metallic bag :sad:

  12. ^^ Agreed! It's relative to one's style. Definitely not my style, at all... I couldn't pull it off if my life depended on it. Not to say the ladies that like it couldn't!

    The accessories would make a nice pairing with a white, gold, or pink leather bag IMO. Good luck in finding the perfect bag and can't wait for the reveal of the goods!
  13. Hmmmmm..... Hailey or Maggie in lime?
  14. I happen to like the floral. It's bold, it's fashion. Very fun. The more I read about people disliking it the more I want to get it. I'll be sure not to see lots of others with it.
  15. Only if it was a clutch. I would get it no question because it would add some pop with an all white outfit.