Rebuilding a collection

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  1. I can’t believe the bags I sold over the years, despite RM being my first love. I’m going to document my rebuilding efforts here.
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    Thankfully I hung onto these two mini Nikkis that I purchased at a sample sale (maybe 2013/14?). I don’t know the colors because they weren’t well marked. Blue has brown and black hash lining and the grown has the b/w dash.

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  3. These are really pretty!
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  4. This OS red Nikki with blue/white lining and gold signature hardware arrived today!

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  5. Is that Scarlet? GORGEOUS!!!
  6. Jenna!!

    I feel the same, lol. I’ve been “rebuilding” these past months too.

    May I ask which bags you may be searching for specifically? :smile:
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    Maybe? I was never good at keeping up with colors. Here’s a close up.

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  8. I’m working on finding Nikkis. I like the other styles but they don’t work well for me. I have three others coming soon! And a MMAB because it was such a good deal.
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  9. I love Nikkis too, I think I got 2 old ones in the past month or so. I have 5 now and 1 mini. I really want a black one.
  10. I think that is Scarlett from 2008.
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