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  1. How long does shipping normally take to the USA? I'm anxious lol
  2. from the UK you should expect 8 to 10 days. Royal air is very reliable.
  3. She is an amazing person and on my private board! Nothing but great things about Rebecca. You can't go wrong!!!!!
  4. hehe okie, i need to plan which days to stay home cause I'm always at work =[
  5. i'm waiting for my bag from her :nuts:. it's been 6 days so far
  6. Rebecca is an amazing seller :yes:

    I bought my CB Pochette from her, and I believe it took about 10 days to arrive (I can't remember exactly, it was over a year ago). I think that shipping from the UK is a little slow...
  7. a little over a week. GREAT seller. hope to deal with her again.
  8. Rebecca is great. You'll get your bag in a timely manner.
  9. great person to work with. Not long at all, depends on the shipping you requested. No time at all, you'll enjoy purchasing from her.
  10. I have not bought from her, but in general mail from the UK takes 6-8 days for me, on the east coast.
  11. I'm unfamiliar with Rebecca Lou. So can someone tell me a little more about her and does she have a website?

    Thanks in advance.
  12. haven't yet but have come close. she has some of the best prices on e-bay IMO.
  13. I bought my bracelet from her, if I remember correctly it traveled 5 days from the Uk to Finland. She´s great.

  14. that her id on eBay???
  15. I bought 3 LV items from her so far and she has been GREAT! I love her packaging and she always include a nice note and a small gift. Shipping to USA generally takes awhile since she doesn't mail out your package immediately due to her job and she specifically noted that in her auction. It usually takes about 2 weeks or so to get to me. I'm currently waiting for something to come in the mail from her as well.

    I'm addicted to her stuff as much as Let-Trade's!