Rebeccalou28 will close her eBay acc & sell from her personal site

  1. She said that she's in process to cancel her eBay acc. We could purchase directly from her site:

    The price will be cheaper since no eBay fees :tup:
  2. awesome, she has great items.
  3. Awesome! She has pretty good prices already!
  4. Thanks for the update! I noticied it was gone :sad:
  5. Thanks for the info...can't wait to look at her LV's and prices!
  6. great, thank you for the info! :flowers:
  7. I am REBECCALOU28.

    There are multiple reasons for us leaving eBay but mainly major invoicing errors and the problems with counterfeit auctions that Ebay are not willing to do anything about, despite their supposed policy. If anyone wants additional information, feel free to PM me here or through the website (bear with us with the latter as we are just about to switch emails over this evening!)

    The website will be evolving over the next few weeks but we hope it is easy to navigate. We would be interested in feedback on the search options on the site - what do you, as customers, want to search by? I hope I am allowed to ask that here and if not, I apologise in advance.
  8. Fab! Great to see you here! I have odered from you in the past and was very happy with the experience. Congrats on your new store!:okay:

    I prefer to search by line~ (i.e., epi/vernis/mono/MC/Denim etc...)
  9. Thank you for your kind words; I was asked to join in more earlier today.

    All input is appreciated. The current searches available are BY LINE, BY PRICE and ALL ITEMS.
  10. thank you, rebeccalou! :biggrin:
  11. Woohoo! Can't wait!! Nice to have you here, welcome to tpf.
  12. Sounds good so far!
  13. Could you put some sort of currency converter on your site?
  14. Good.
  15. Thanks for sharing!