- anybody bought anything ?

  1. I believe John has and he was really happy with his purchase. You may want to PM him since I haven't seen him around for a couple of days. :yes:
  2. thanks for the info. Im not looking to buy anything from the site at the moment but I hope there will be more stock soon. I *think* John once bought a cles from her ?...Im not 100% sure but it looked hot :smile:
  3. Yeah I think it may have been the black Suhali one. :smile:
  4. I bought my mat fowler from her. She is very sweet and prices are reasonable. Shipping did take a long time, but I have heard from other posters that it has improved since then
  5. I love rebeccalou she is one of my favorite seller
  6. She uses Fedex now, so shipping should be much more reliable. Unfortunately, I am too chicken of the possible brokerage and other fees that Fedex might charge for importing to Canada- once bitten...
  7. She is fantastic to deal with! :tup:
  8. she is few of the Auth seller on eBay :yes: and her prices are always reasonable :yes:
  9. I´ve bought from her several times (on eBay). She´s very nice and I don´t remember having any issues with shipping. :smile:
  10. She`s the only eBay seller I`ve bought from, and I was very happy, so if I plan on getting anything in the future, I`ll check if she has it before I look at other sellers :yes:
  11. Yup, I purchased my black Suhali Cles from her for $157 USD!!!!! The shipping was fast, she included a thank you card, along with some chocolate, and the communication was great! :tup:
  12. ^ oh yeah, I forgot - I got candy and a cute card too:biggrin:
  13. boohoo, I didn't get any candy! I bought a white MC alma from her a few months ago, got a nice thank you card and the shipping was FAST (to USA)
  14. She is absolutely wonderful, I'd highly recommend buying from her!