Rebecca Taylor Cheetah Jacket or Rebecca Minkoff Cheetah Purse? Help!

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Which one should I keep?

  1. Rebecca Taylor Faux Fur Cheetah Blazer

  2. Rebecca Minkoff Cheetah Fling

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  1. I want to buy one Cheetah item for this animal print trend and I have narrowed it down to two things. I would like to keep both of course, but it's just too much money for me right now and I think they are too similar in pattern for it to even be worth it.

    I know animal prints are pretty much always in style, but right now as we all know, they are very trendy. Do you think I would get more use out of the Rebecca Taylor Faux Fur Cheetah jacket, which I can wear all Fall and Winter, orrrr the Rebecca Minkoff Fling Minaudiere which is pretty much a night bag but I don't see ever really going out of style. I can probably wear it all year long and for years to come.

    Ahhh I can't choose! :wacko: I love both :love: Can you please help me decide? :smile:

    Rebecca Taylor Faux Fur Blazer $695- I got it for 20% and no tax so $556. Pretty pricey for a fad, but so so nice!



    Rebecca Minkoff Fling $350- I got it for 10% off and no tax so $315.



    I really can't decide which one to keep :sweatdrop:
  2. Clutch, definitely! Personally I wouldn't go for a leopard print blazer since I prefer neutral outerwear pieces, but a leopard print cardigan or a cute flat shoe would indulge the trend with less commitment.
  3. ^^ ITA. I like leopard (or other animal prints) in small doses. So I'd go for the clutch. Like the suggestions for cardigan or flats, even a scarf.
  4. Clutch. You will definitely get years of use out of it.
  5. The jacket is sooo much nicer than the clutch (IMO)
    Ever since i seen the jacket on Shanae grimes then i have thought it is a great piece to add to the wardrobe...
    Whereas that clutch is kinda small and kinda cheap looking. I have seen similar in high street stores for £14.99 and TBH if i were passing you in the street then i wouldn't be able to tell the difference as RM is not a brand that i follow...
  6. I do agree on that. Maybe the jacket is a bit much. It's definitely a lot tamer than most animal print jackets out there though.

    I have been looking for a leopard scarf. I can't seem to find one I like yet.
  7. The jacket is a little over the top but the purse is cute.
  8. The jacket is too much, but the purse on the other hand, is adorable!
  9. I like both. Keep the one you like better.
    Personally I think you will get use from the clutch for longer over the years than the blazer. And I like the lines of the clutch. It doesn't look cheap at all to me but that is just my opinion. However you can probably wear your blazer more this season than you will use the clutch. I think the blazer looks slightly large on you though.
  10. I agree with everyone else, the jacket is too flashy-flashy you won't be able to wear enough to justify the investment. On the other hand, the clutch is simple, chic and adorable!
  11. Another vote for the clutch!
  12. agree - love the fling, think the jacket is too much
  13. Keep the clutch!
  14. I adore the clutch. The jacket is OTT, especially since it is furry, and is not as flattering as it could be.
  15. The clutch!!! :tup: