Rebecca, Please say it isn't so....No sample sale soon?

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  1. I wrote an email to Catalina inquiring about the sample sale in L.A. My mother's day present to my mom was going to be a trip out to L.A. from Hawaii for all the Mothers Day sample sales here in L.A. and a new purse. Here is the response I got last week:

    As for ss in LA, i don't think there is one scheduled for anytime soon as we are just promoting and introducing the Spring 08 collection. I would say around the end of the season and we will definitely let you know!

    I think I'm going to cry!:crybaby:
  2. Oh no. Thanks for the info.
  3. Does that mean they are not doing the SS at all?
  4. I thought Rebecca said in the Hot Spot thread that she would be having one in May? With early preview for TPF? Maven even polled us here for what our "dream" sample sale bag would be. Has she changed her mind??
  5. Maybe just for NY?
  6. I thought they were allowing phone orders also?
  7. I will check with Becky... but there will be a SS in NYC as of last week :yes:
  8. ^^ :yahoo:
  9. YAY!! I can't wait!!! :woohoo::yahoo:

    :Push: *shakes fist*
  11. I hope there is. I can't get to NY but hopefully there can be phone orders for TPF girls
  12. Either way, at least you can phone order for the NY sample sale which is what I'll do and I live in NY. I just can't travel with college and work unless it's after college is over. Can't wait! :smile:
  13. :crybaby:OH NO!!!! I've been holding back in buying because I've been waiting for the LA Sample Sale!!!! Rebecca, say it ain't so!!
  14. *prays for an NY ss. The last bag I bought was last May mam in navy blue from revolve.
  15. Everything I've read indicates there will be one in NYC. :yes: You have a navy blue MAM? Aww, I'm jealous. I love that bag!