Rebecca Minkoff's Hot Spot

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  1. Inspired by other threads I have seen dedicated to certain designers, I have taken the liberty to create one for Rebecca Minkoff aficionados. For those who love the Morning After, Nikki, Grace, Elisha, and more, this is the spot for you to kick it at!

    PS: Although the title of this thread can be misinterpreted as something else, in reality, it is very innocent. LOL
  2. First post in the hot spot: I cant wait for my purple MAM!

    Here's a pic I jacked from missypoo!

    Is this not the most PERFECT handbag you have ever seen!? Beautiful purple with blue undertones, accented with luscious golden hardware, and in a timeless shape that will work so wonderfully in the day and night! This is like the best bag ever!
  3. LOL "HOT SPOT" huh GUNG?? You are my kind of gal! Not that way though hehehe! Ok I'll start. I LOVE the Morning After Mini like mad crazy. I'm thinking about ordering the Mini Nikki, but does anyone have a modeling pic?? The reg. Nikki was just too bulky and big for me.

    Hey GUNG, are you gonna order anything from RM w/ the 30% deal?
  4. I'm awaiting a Nikki in purple!!! (mini!)
  5. ^Missypoo, I love the MAM! It is the perfect bag to use everyday. Just big enough for the essentials, but small enough to be chic in any situation, it is my go-to bag on most occasions! Thats why I own it in like 8 different colors!

    Im seriously thinking about the purple Nikki, but like you I cant yet justify having two bags but I might have to just bite the bullet and go for it
  6. ^^^I'm thinking about getting the Purple Mini Nikki too!! Aren't we just the NUTTY PAIR!! lol

  7. Ohhh, so you bought it eh? I had thought you were just thinking about it. Good for you though! Im excited to see pics!

  8. I know! But you know what they say...Great minds think alike!
  9. We should be called Mutt and Jeff! :roflmfao:
  10. Oh boy, that one went right over my head! Is that a random thing, like we should be called Chuck and Clyde, or Floyd and Manford, or is that some historical/social tidbit of information that I should know, but dont?

  11. LOL I guess I'm an old lady! It's like Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, etc. Ok how about SpongeBob and Patrick? HAHA
  12. Got my lovelies out for a photo session!
  13. No! Im that one dude...whats his name...squidferd?

    You can be the bunny girl...agh..whats her name...shelly?

    LOL, I havent seen sponge bob for a longg time!
  14. Gung, what is the color of the last bag in the bag? Thx.
  15. It's Sandy GUNG! The squirrel. I know this cuz I have two daughters ages 3 and 4 who love that show! I hate to admit this, but I really like SpongeBob too...BTW, love your RM collection!!