Rebecca Minkoff

  1. i have a new found obsession with the rebecca minkoff "morning after" bag! sadly i do not have the funds to order one right away, so i have had a lot of time to contemplate which one to get/try to find a fabulous deal! i am not sure if i should get the mini or the original....i was wondering if anyone had any thoughts? i think i definitely want the chocolate color, it is to die for! i am all about the oversized handbags, but they both look pretty large from pictures posted online. so the real question or original??
  2. I would go w/ the original....I was thinking of this bag also, and I thought maybe I could save some money if I were to get the mini, but the mini is not really that less expensive, and would probably be too small for me. Yes, I loooove huge bags....anyway, I would go w/ the original!!! I like how it looks more. And the Choc. is to die for!!!
  3. ^^ there's a sample sale going on now that maybe you should look into... better prices on themorning after bags, though I think a lot of them are gone by now... Hm.