Rebecca Minkoff ~ What a lovely lady!..

  1. I had purchased 2 Matinees from Nordies on sale and they were not able to locate any dust bags for me. I went to her website and sent an email through customer service, explaining my situation. I would have gladly paid her for them. Don't you know without even thinking I would be able to get them, I received an package in the mail today WITH DUSTBAGS SENT BY REBECCA HERSELF!!

    WOW...I continue to be impressed with her customer service. Not to knock anyone else but I have several Kooba bags also and their customer service is non-existent!

    I see more Minkoff bags in my future for sure! :okay:
  2. This is the kind of thing that makes me feel good about buying RM bags, and makes me want to buy more! I'll gladly spend my $ with companies who care about their customers and who do the right thing. Thanks for sharing your story Ms.Lizardo!
  3. It's nice to know you don't have to mortgage your house first to get GOOD customer service.

    I know of some brands who won't return phone calls, or emails unless who fork out thousands of dollars regularly.....AND know what??? They're hugely successful!!!

    I've never understood the mentality of this whole thing....I mean there's the client who has saved up enough to go out and make that one special purchase, contacts the store, and gets treated like crap, meanwhile the people who can afford to buy the store and could care less about showing any class or respect get the Royal treatment.

    Point?? Unsurpassable customer service DOES exist....Rebecca is one example...I've got a few others, but these people are RARE indeed.
  4. I got one too which is a total surprise since I didn't really ask but just inquired how to get one :smile:
  5. That's amazing. RM is a class act! :tup:
  6. Thanks for sharing the story! She sounds like a lovely lady!
  7. Awesome to see that exceptional customer service still exists in the designer market. RM's dedication to the customer is one of the reasons she'll be my fave for years to come. I also really appreciate that the bags are all made in NYC!
  8. Wow, what a lady. Every brand should take after RM! I am such a fan, already!