Rebecca Minkoff website Price Drop!!!

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  1. Hey all! I don't know if you have noticed, but on the RM website many bags have dropped in price!!!

    Wine Easy Bag - $458 from $655
    Get Away Tote in Wine or Mocha - $500.50
    Dream Bag in all colors - $437.50
    Matinee in Black/Blue or Midnight/Pewter - $437.50
    MAB in Midnight/Pewter -$416.50

    I soooo want one of those Get Away Totes, but I just order a BE bag, so I can't.
  2. Wow, interesting, a markdown done quietly. Kind of like what Coach did in December?
  3. even the kiss and make up has dropped from 120 to 84! it also looks like ther's more inventory on the website than there has been in the last couple of weeks.
  4. Yes the Get Away Tote is very tempting, but it would be even more tempting if the Nikki was onsale which Im glad it isnt b/c Im waiting for Gryson to drop their prices (again).