Rebecca Minkoff Trunk Show- Plus 15% Off

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  2. Do you think they'll take phone orders ? Thanks !

  3. I wish I knew but sorry...I don't.
  4. I e-mailed Jes at RM today, the discount is just for customers who come to the trunk sale, so New Yorkers....enjoy !

  5. Well, wadecbcb....I guess the way we should look at this is that eventually we will find a better bargain on the same bags online!!!! 15% isn't great!
  6. Looking the gift horse in the mouth -- 15% is definitely not much of a discount, especially when you consider that NY sales tax of 8.375% will be charged as the bags cost more than $110.
  7. i don't know if this was already posted but i emailed regarding the next sample sale so if you gals can wait, the next one is in december. i just got a MA in white/basketweave and love it!