Rebecca Minkoff Trunk Show in Short Hills?

  1. Hi guys!

    I was just at NM in Shorthills, NJ and wanted to take a quick survey....If I were to do a trunk show, how many members live in the area and would come? We would most likely do a giveaway for you guys only and I want to take your temp. on who would show up! I would love to meet you all!

    Thanks for the feedback!:yahoo:
  2. i would likely go!
  3. Sorry I don't live in the area otherwise I would. But I do live outside of Boston so if you were to have one here I'd be there! ::Hint Hint::;)
  4. Lucky Jersey gals! Rebecca, if you were to ever do a trunk show anywhere in the LA or Orange County area, I would definitely be there!
  5. Count this NJ'r in !! I would love to go !
  6. You lucky NJ girls- I'm so jealous!
  7. Wow you guys are lucky if it pushes through! :biggrin: Hi Rebecca!
  8. Depends on when you would be doing it. haha. I live in Seattle, but I have family in Saddle River and plan on visiting in a few months. :smile:
  9. NJ is a bit far. If you did one in the DC area I would definetly go. It would attract people from VA and MD as well. =)
  10. Darn... I wish I lived in the area...but life is in CA SF bay area for me... if you brought it to LA I would fly down to attend!! :yes:
  11. I would if I lived up north! Dang college keeping me in the south. Only a few more years till New York...only a few more years till New York...but I digress...
  12. Oh, how I wish these sales/shows occurred in the middle, I mean midwest! Unfortunately, I am too far from NJ!
  13. I'm in NYC - would someone want to carpool? I would definitely go! Also, would it be on the weekend?
  14. Im in the Philly far away is Short Hills?
  15. If I lived in the US I would definately go! But unfortunately I live in the UK :hrmm: