Rebecca Minkoff Tomato

  1. I've been eyeing the RM MA in the berry color for a while now and just found out that they are having a sample sale soon. Since I doubt that they'll have the berry, I was wondering if anyone here has the tomato colored bag? What kind of red is this and what is the leather like? Is it mat leather? And is the red orange/ blue?

    Any info would be appreciated.

  2. I have the Tomato Grace, the color definately has brown undertones to it. it is not a very red red at all. it really does remind me of the color of a tomato. the leather is between matte and shiny leaning more towards a matte finish. the leather was definately very stiff when i got it; however after about 4-5 weeks of use, it has softened dramatically and "collapses" a bit when sitting upright. i mentioned before in other posts that i LOVED the color and leather. HTH!
  3. Janinevs, Nordstrom has marked down lots of their Rebecca Minkoff bags. You might call your local store and have them do a nationwide search for you. Shipping is now free. You might get lucky and find it for a good price, prior to the sample sale, and at least it would be returnable if you didn't love it.
  4. The tomato is awesome. Perfect for fall. Pursegrl12 gave a great description.