Rebecca Minkoff the Person

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  1. So I know that this is a little off topic, but a few weeks ago I was at a fashion accessories show in NYC. Rebecca Minkoff was there, and she is STUNNING in person. She was also super nice!
  2. Yes she is! So tiny too.
  3. how tall is she???
  4. What I like about her is how kind and caring she is. She seems to be genuinely interested in who ever she is with at the time and her customers in general. That and she certainly is striking.

  5. She's tall! I would guess about 5'10...?
  6. I met her a few times. She is very, very sweet and SO PRETTY!!!
  7. She is tall! And gorgeous!

    Also, I love the title of this. It made me laugh.
  8. I agree, Rebecca is very striking and tall. Super sweet and easy to have a conversation with!
  9. Despite how sweet and down-to-earth she was, I still found it hard to have a conversation with her because I was so awestruck and shy, haha. Maybe someday...
  10. She is super nice and extremely generous.
  11. I thought there was a thread that had pics of TPFers who've met

    She really is a very cool person; I like that she's a New Yorker with West coast roots, it is clear to see that if you talk to and focused, yet fun and friendly. And yes, she is gorgeous; tall and slim, strikingly pretty.
  12. So true! That's how I felt when I got to speak to her at the NYC SS.
  13. ditto! she's so pretty, and really nice!
  14. shes very nice. I've met her a few times at the ss