Rebecca Minkoff Summer Campaign Colors

  1. Hi everyone,

    What do you guys think or guess will be the colors of the summer campaign? I love love loved the popsicle red from the pictures that we were able to get a peek at earlier, and just curious about what else could be in the mix!

    I would love to see a green...maybe a lime green like the one from the Taiwanese ad? Or maybe a fun shimmery blue color? OR TURQUOISE! I love teal and turquoise bags!!!

  2.'s hard to tell because, to me, there are some summer-y colors in the RM spring line. Ocean and Tangerine, for example, to me scream summer!
  3. Does RM do a separate summer line in addition to spring? Some brands do a spring/summer, I don't know how couture seasons work (things like "resort" and "pre-[season]" confuse me!)
  4. Ah...I like the idea of an all-popsicle color palette - cherry (like we already saw), grape, lime, orange, yellow (what flavor is yellow popsicle? LOL)

    I think turquoise is also a great idea for summer. And then as always I would love to see a few neutrals, maybe with a slightly different spin to entice us to buy more...LOL!
  5. I think a turquoise would be beautiful in a MAM! It would have to be like the color of the swimming pools at those ritzy, super expensive hotels that you see in magazines, KWIM??? Like a deep, mesmerizing turquoise that is smoldering in the night but is beautifully lit up by the sun.

    oh boy. That was ridiculously corny
  6. A nice Mediterranean turquoise.....some blue/green......

  7. Corny...but WELL SAID!!! :tup: Turquoise is my number one vote too! Also, I don't know if they seperate out the summer colors from the spring colors. I guess I just kinda assumed they did since we got to see an ad from the summer campaign.

    I agree with you too HitchcockBlond...I would LOVE a popsicle inspired color line! Put me in for the lime dreamsicle!
  8. yellow = banana...wait, eww. Pineapple?
    I think the bright colors are very cute, but I can't see myself carrying any except the cherry or grape. Still, fun to see such variation!