Rebecca Minkoff SPRING 2008 LA Sample Sale

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    Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale

    Just when we were are all calming down from the previous Rebecca Minkoff sample sale, here is another! I spoke to Rebecca and she said the last sample sale was not only a huge hit but also a tad crazy. Well, I already knew that, and I know that the Rebecca Minkoff followers always go crazy for her sample sales. The Rebecca Minkoff LA Sample Sale will begin on January 13, 2008 and go from 12 pm - 6pm. The only unfortunate thing is there will be no phone or email orders accepted. This is for the reason stated above; the flood of people wanting this bags is too overwhelming at the time! Sorry to all of 'us' but all of you in LA better get there early, stay in line, and tell us about your loot!
  2. Thanks Megs! I'm gonna check this out, will any other brave SoCal tPFers be there too?
  3. no phone orders! I wanted a matinee or MAM :crybaby:
  4. I'll be there! Unfortunately I have to work until 3pm, but I'm going to stop by after and see if anything is left!
  5. I'm gonna try to go if I can make it up from Orange County in time.
  6. I might show up. Does anyone know what the approx. prices of the RM bags are at sample sales? Just trying to get a ballpark idea.
  7. i really wanted a MAM. I m new here. Just there any sample sales online?
  8. Looking for something in Night Blue??????!!!!

    Good luck!!! Hope you find something you like/love!
  9. Since it starts at noon , how early should one get there? I have never been to a handbag sample sale.
  10. I was wondering how early one should start lining up......probably at least 1 to 2 hours ahead. Bring one of those tiny fold up seats or a fold up stadium chair! I also emailed them to find out what form of payment they accept.
  11. What am I doing living here in Florida... I want to go to the sample sale. grrr.
  12. I really hope this isn't a sign that she will stop doing phone orders for her NY sample sales too :sad:

    I know we overwhelmed her staff this year with our phone orders. But I hope she continues to allow them in the future.

    You LA girls who go to the sale will have to let us know how it goes! Pleasy please :smile:
  13. Thanks for the heads up. now to start planning on what to keep my eyes peeled for!
  14. Does any one know if it will be like the recent NYC sale or if they will have samples from the new Spring line, too?
  15. thanks for the info Megs!