Rebecca Minkoff soon to be faked?

  1. Hi ladies,

    While I was searching for a certain bag, many replica web sites were returned as search results. I looked at couple of them and found this:

    Fortunately, the site doesn't sell the bag yet, but the fact that they have this page up makes me think that RM bags will be faked in near future. This makes me sad and upset. So many fake purses on the market and I don't know why the designers are not doing anything about it. :crybaby:
  2. That sucks! I took a look at that hideous Mulberry Bayswater and :sick::sick::sick:!

    I wonder when they will have their RM bags up. Its just awful, and Im haking my head at these people.
  3. If we notify RM, can they do something about it?
    Am not a lawyer, but assuming that a design patent was registered by RM, they could possible look into infringement?
  4. Like I said elsewhere in another thread, the Dream Bag is already being copied here in Singapore by a local shoe store chain which also sells other indie designer-inspired bags. It's only a matter of time before the pirates come up with fakes.
  5. When I saw Gryson being faked, I sent an email to Gryson with information of the web sites that sold fake ones. They haven't done anything yet, and I wish all designers become more active on preventing manufacturing of fake bags to protect their customers and themselves.
  6. Wow, that's scary. I guess we will see fake RM bags on eBay sooner than expected.

  7. Sadly, when that happens, it might be time to move on to another indie designer...
  8. Thats really sad... one of the reasons I love RM so much is because it's so unique, uncopied, and stylish.... and i hate to think that now it's gonna be faked.
  9. That's terrible. I hope she has a good intellectual property attorney on her team. I actually worked as a percipient witness on a fraud case against someone who was selling fake Rock & Republics, fake True Religions & fake LV purses. One year R&R won over $7 million against various counterfeiters and their distributors. I noticed that they have a fake R&R on the site, so I'm going to pass this find onto the them. Anyway, that just makes it all the more important in the future to demand the source of a seller's supply. If the seller's source is NOT from the manufacturer itself, than the only other source would be from an authorized retailer, like PlazaToo, SearleNYC, Shop Bop,, Cami, Yellow, Momoberry, etc. Be ESPECIALLY careful if you are not familiar with a brand and their trademarked qualities.

    By the way, some fakes are SO GOOD that only the experts can tell the difference. In one case, the True Religion jeans were so good, that the only difference was the size of the thread the counterfeiter used on the inseam. Sometimes an expert has to see the item, touch it and see that quality of the product to come to a definitive conclusion re: authenticity.

    I HATE FAKES. They ruin all my fun.
  10. I wonder if we might be anticipating an "Authenticate this Rebecca Minkoff bag" any time soon? Seriously, im not kidding! It really is a shame that we have to worry about these kinds of things. *shaking my head*
  11. oh that's totally sucks! i just started getting into RM. if there are fakes i just won't be able to tell them apart and that might definitely turn me off.
    yes, gung, there might need to be an "Authenticate this" sooner than later, or maybe like in the MJ forum they have what authentic bags are suppose to be such as what the back of the zippers have written... :confused1:
  12. LOL! For the record, the back of the Rebecca Minkoff zipperheads are plain (No lampo, RiRi).
  13. All right, guys, after browsing this disgusting website, Im going to assume that RM bags will indeed be counterfeited. I say this because I found ANNA CORINNA counterfeit bags on there! ANNA CORINNA!

    If they are going to do AC, then they will more than likely do RM!
  14. Hi Gung,

    What is really disgusting is the way the website proudly advertises its bad-doings!

    On an unrelated subject... that car is hilarious! LOL!! Did u see it IRL?
  15. I actually saw a white with brown basketweave 'inspired' MAB in that paticular chain store a few mths back and it looked 99% like the real thing! Shocking! The only difference is the leather and the lining. It retails for about 30USD. I was disgusted to see RM bags being copied here but nevertheless those who know RM should be able to differentiate between the real and the fakes if they see one. :police: