Rebecca Minkoff Sentiment Shoulder Bag & buying from LUNABOSTON

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  1. Does anyone own or have seen this bag in person?

    The Sentiment Shoulder Bag from her laced-up collection

    Im looking for a small but practical cross-body bag. So practical meaning I can still fit my long wallet, phone, ipod, and tiny makeup items in it. Will this one be ok?

    And anyone buy from Lunaboston? Im pretty sure their prices are in USD but I am buying from Canada, so will they convert the prices back to CAD or keep as USD?

  2. ^^ You can email Caitlin and ask her the question about prices-
    I buy from them often. They have a lot of RM, and can special order what they don't have in stock. ANd you still get the luxe points to apply toward your next purchase.

    As for the Sentiment, not sure if anyone has done a reveal yet, but Caitlin can probably help you out with the question about what you can fit in it. The best RM xbody for most people is the MAC. It will fit all that you mentioned.
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  4. ^^ kind of looks like the size of a wallet really. Cute little bag though!
  5. ^^^ It was really small so I ended up sending it back even though it was expandable...sort of. I couldn't get over the dents in the leather left by the rivets around the trim. It's been over a week since LB received the's been back on their site for days....and I still don't have a refund. :confused1:
  6. Mag, it's taken LB a month to process refunds for a while now... so expect a wait. :sad:
  7. I have this bag. It will fit all those items. Mine fit: my iphone, small wallet, camera, lipstick, chapstick, eyeliner, keys. I will try to post picture later tonight. I love it- its small but fits so much!
  8. It has something to do with their accounting dept..not sure why.

    With LB, I've always found it much easier to exchange something than return.
  9. Is it just me or does it seem strange (i can think of other words though) that they should put up a returned bag for sale and then process the refund weeks after. I assume that prior to putting the bag back on the site, they must have inspected the bag and 'approved' the return. Why such a long delay after that?
  10. Tas - I agree with you! I've never returned an item to LB before and had no idea that the credit would take this long. Doesn't seem quite right.....