Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale - Nov 13 - 16

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  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post, I got this via email today:


    Hopefully the prices will be similar to last time!
  2. Thanks for posting.
  3. what kind of price was it like last time? I just start to fall in love with the regular size MA, actually since this morning. do you know will they have it, and what price?
  4. Oh please post what they had and prices from last time if you remember.....This is MAJOR!! :smile:
  5. OOH! OOH! Thanks for posting! I really want a morning after mini! Hopefully they'll be taking out-of-state orders again.
  6. So do you call and they tell you the prices over the phone?
  7. How early does one have to call? Bags sold out on me last year on the phone list..
  8. oh yes, i remember that.
  9. Once again I wish I lived in NYC!! Thanks for posting.
  10. I got my MA mini (chocolate) from the last sale and I adore it. Great bag.
  11. are they taking pre-orders now?
  12. geez, I want a regular size MA, but the Sage color for mini is so gorgeous.
  13. So we can actually call, order, and they will ship it to me? you have to pick it up?
  14. one things for sure, i will on the phone at 9 am sharp on monday the 5th!!!! I NEED to get my hands on a green or black mini MA!