Rebecca Minkoff Sale Sightings!

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  1. For those of us who are die-hard bargain hunters (or simply can't afford to pay full me...), post your sale finds here! I'll start:

    Active Endeavors has a few styles on sale, plus an extra 25% off with code "apologies":

    No Strings satchel (eggplant) - $188 + 25% off = $141
    Get Away Tote (chocolate, mocha, and saddle) - $358 +25% off = $268.50
    Jane (tomato) - $310 + 25% off = $232.50

    I snagged a NS clutch...there's only one left!
  2. The Getaway Tote at activeendeavors is less than the price during the sample sale. I really thought about that for a travel bag.
    Thanks for this thread! I think it will save us a lot of time searching all over the web.
  3. Delcina's Deal of the Week: has the Matinee in Midnight/Pewter on sale for $375 - only for the rest of the week though.
  4. Here is what is still remaining of the RM sample sale. You can email if you would like to purchase one. This list is current as of this morning. No more MA's or matinees but still nice deals to be had!

    Price Style Color

    150 Clutch Cream

    250 Tess Nude/coffee

    150 Blind Date Clutch BLACK. BLK SUEDE

    125 Get Away Clutch Black

    300 Get Away Tote Chocolate Stonewash

    300 Elisha Blue/Chocolate wicker

    150 Blind Date Clutch Midnight w/Black Suede
    150 Blind Date Clutch Nude/Beige

    315 Dream Bag Dk Chocolate nubuck/ Dk Chocolate Nubuck
    315 Dream Bag Midnight w/ Black Suede
    315 Dream Bag Midnight w/Blk suede
    315 Dream Bag Midnight w/Pewter
    315 Dream Bag Pewter/Eggplant suede
    315 Dream Bag Wine/Burgundy suede

    315 Easy Bag Wine w/ Burgundy Suede

    315 Get Away Tote Mocha
    315 Get Away Tote Wine

    150 No String Clutch Midnight/Black suede
    150 No String Clutch Nickle/ Sand suede
    150 No String Clutch Pewter/Eggplant suede
  5. I'd like to find an Eggplant MAM at a good price.
  6. ^I'll keep an eye out for ya, sexy!
  7. Have I told you how much I love you lately???????!!!!!! :yes:
  8. no:graucho:

    I :heart: u too Contessa!
  9. Between Donny Walberg and Pierce Brosnan....I've been having some insecurities. :lol:
  10. Has anyone seen a nikki on sale? i missed them during the same sale...i think:s
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