Rebecca Minkoff sale on GILT—Thursday, 7/16/09

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  1. I didn't see this posted yet, but GILT is having a Rebecca Minkoff sale this Thursday.
  2. thanks
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    here's a sneak peek of what will be on sale:

    Not allowed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Those MAB's with silver hardware are beautiful!
  5. Wow! Thanks for that link shopdiary!
  6. looks to be all repeat stuff so sad. I want a straw fling so maybe??
  7. Thanks, shopdiary! What colors are these bags? Some have thin unfinished tassels...current production?
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    I guess these are newly made bags?

    The Nikki looks like Natural and the MAC looks like it could be Jammin' Purple?
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  10. What kind of blue is that...royal? and the other sideral grey?
  11. I want to say that's a cobalt but I'm not sure.
  12. That looks like cobalt to me too.
  13. i would say the blue MAM is cobalt. not sure about the others. i'll need to check with my contact at Gilt although i'm afraid they might not have the actual RM color names.

    i would think these are past season styles that were offered at the actual RM sample sales. it would be surprising to see any current production items like the ones with studs and new RM hardware at half off.
  14. I wonder what other color MACs will be available?
  15. I think these are the same bags and same pics that Gilt had when they promoted their last RM sale in December.

    I am guessing that these are not actual bags that will be on sale... just a hunch.