Rebecca Minkoff sage leather 'Morning After' satchel for $367 at Bluefly!

  1. it's still there as far as I can see it.
  2. It's showing as unavailable for me. Gorgeous bag, though!
  3. Now there's a black MAM for $338!
  4. I don't know how their website works... but it's in my basket. I can release it cause I am not buying it. I decided to check if it was available and it was :smile:
  5. Yup, Morning After in sage is back on sale :smile:
  6. im so torn about which one to get =T
    i think i like the navy though....
  7. If you click on the sage one, I'm sure that its out of stock.
  8. I meant the one that started the whole topic: the sage bag. When it comes to color of the bag--it's very personal. Depends on what colors you already have, what color you prefer, etc. To me sage is very official.
    As for myself: I want a Sissi Rossi Maxi small bag :rolleyes:
  9. If it lets you put it into the basket--it's still available. When I put one into the basket, the sign "out of stock" appeared next to the bag.
  10. ordered it. got a code for 10% off too. what a deal. ive been lusting over a RM bag for a while now. especially the MA mini bag. mmhmmm. and after lurking, ive finally found a good deal on one! yay! :tup:

    i wear a lot of navy anyway. my current nail polish obsession happens to be O.P.I's russian navy. it'll go together so well!

    thanks for this post!!

    hope someone else snatched up the sage!
  11. I don't even see the Sage anymore
  12. Now the Black MAM is gone too
  13. OFF: what's a Russian navy? LOL
    (I am Russian)