Rebecca Minkoff repairs?

  1. So I'm interested in buying either the morning after or matinee bag. The only leather bags I have are Coach because I like investing in pieces where I know if it needs repairs I can send them in instead of being SOL. Does she offer repairs on her bags if something was to happen to a zipper, hardware, ets?
  2. although luckily i have not needed a repair, i have read on some threads that she will replace/repair hardware for customer's who are not happy. i am not sure about zippers or anything else but i am pretty sure i have read that. but i def suggest this bag, it's my favorite bag i own :smile:
  3. Daydrmer I just noticed your avatar!!!! I so miss that show (it's one of only 2 that I watch), I can't wait for the strike to be over.
  4. Have no worries on repairs!

    Unless its a sample sale purchase, we will repair everything on your bag for free!


  5. Now that's standing behind your merchandise, impressive!
  6. Yeah I miss it to! I've just been watching my DVDs to get me thorough. Its as close as I can get to filling this void in my heart :crybaby:

    Thank you so much Rebecca! I've been waiting for a clear answer, I'm ordering my bag today:tup:
  7. What about older bags? I purchased my Royal/Basketweave MA in February of last year. But I haven't worn it all this year because the tubular structure in the handles must be separating from the leather, and now the leather on the handles has stretched! Now one handle is longer than the other. :confused1: