Rebecca Minkoff Questions!! TIA!

  1. So I'm a new fan of RM. My passion is Balenciaga but I really like her bags and they are much cheaper than BBags! So I have a few questions. Are the straps on the Matinee long enough to fit over your shoulder? Does anyone know how many inches they are? And the Morning After, are those straps long enough to fit over your shoulder? Where is the best place to purchase RM? Are there any codes floating around? Thanks so much girls!!!!
  2. I have both a Matinee and a MA. The straps on the Matinee are definitely long enough to fit on the shoulder. I've even gotten it over a heavier coat. The straps on the MA will also fit on the shoulder but I find it awkward for two reasons: (1) I think the straps are a tad shorter, and (2) because the bag is a boxier shape than the Matinee, I find it an awkward fit on the shoulder. RM does sell longer straps, however, to attach to the MA and MAM bags. I plan on contacting them this week to order one (I was just waiting for the sample sale craziness to end!).

    Lots of places carry RM bags and if you check the Deals & Steals thread, you'll find coupon codes for several sites (Label 360, Luna Boston, Active Endeavors, etc). If you register with Revolve Clothing you'll get an email for 30% off your first purchase, which you can use on a RM bag.

    The last I heard, RM had a few sample sale bags left - I don't know if you can still order one, however. I guess they've had some problems and delays in shipping. It certainly wouldn't hurt to ask!

    I've seen RM bags many times but was never interested until the Matinee bag came out. That was my first RM purchase. After I got that one, I went back & bought a MA bag which I ended up loving more than I thought! Now I want a mini to complete my set!
  3. Thank you so much. You've answered all of my questions and more! Who exactly do I contact about the sample sale? Is there a phone number!! Thanks again I really appreciate it!
  4. you can get 30% off with toutie30 i believe i read somewhere here...Ask for Brittany and she can preorder pretty much most colors and styles of RM. And best of all, she is very sweet and accomodating! Mention the 30% off code and she will give it to you. Plus, no taxes and no shipping cost.
  5. One thing I left out of my original post that I wanted to mention is this - RM uses many different types of leather. Some leathers are really thick and super soft & mushy (like my black Matinee), while others are more stiff and firm (like the elephant color). I think the bags with the softer leathers are easier to carry on your shoulder than the ones with stiffer leathers - the tops of the bag on the softer leathers sag downward a little more giving the bag a longer drop. If the leather is stiffer, the top of the bag stays up higher (do you know what I mean?)

    Both of my bags are made from different leathers - like I said, my Black Matinee is really thick and soft and mushy. I LOVE the leather on that bag! The leather on my MA (glazed espresso) is much thinner (so it's a little bit lighter weight) but also very soft. If the bag isn't stuffed it actually collapses and "melts" downward. I was actually very surprised at the leather on that bag - I never imagined a glazed leather bag could be so soft! (the glazed almond is even softer - I'd actually say the leather on the glazed almond is similar to the leather on a Balenciaga - very thin, veiny and lightweight).
  6. You are the best! I'm already falling in love with them.
  7. This is good to know because today when I tried placing an order online there was a glitch. I called, emailed, but no one responded. Is Lable360 open on the weekends??? Anyways, I haven't heard back from them, but will call Brittany.

    As a result, I lost out on the MA black/black basketweave which I wanted. But after more consideration and looking around, I really LOVE the Matinees!!!!
  8. wait, u can get a longer strap for your MA? i never new this...
  9. i just got the MA in glazed expresso and i was wondering if its reallly hard to put over your shoulder...
  10. I haven't carried my MA yet (I've been using my Matinee since I got it first), but I did try the MA on my shoulder & I find it to be an awkward fit. The bag is boxier than the Matinee and I don't think it will hang comfortably on my shoulder (I also think the drop is slightly shorter). I would like to get the shoulder strap for that bag, so I've sent RM an email inquiring about it.
  11. Use toutie36 to get 36%off at label360! They even honor it for special orders! They're closed on weekends, as I've found out the hard way. But I've special ordered several bags from them and they've been perfect!
  12. Thanks for letting us know. I thought something was up.

    I'll get in touch with them tomorrow for sure!!!!

    I LOVE the RM mini MA in Midnight/Pewter!!!
  13. Glad you mentioned this about different types of leather. I purchased a Matinee in the elephant color and I returned it for two reasons. One, I thought I'd like the softer leather better (Nordstrom only had the elephant and a glazed leather). Secondly, although I could get it on my shoulder, I didn't feel it would be comfortable. Maybe sometime in the future if I see a nice soft leather one it will be a better fit for me.