Rebecca Minkoff Pictures Thread

  1. RM Elisha3.JPG
  2. Chocolate/Wine Matinee
    Modeling Pic:
  3. My Black/Blue Matinee and Glazed Espresso MA
    DCFC0160.JPG DCFC0164.JPG DCFC0165.JPG
  4. I posted this in another thread a couple of days ago, but here is my Morning After Mini in sage w/ sage stamp for the official pictures thread!
    IMG_2403_2_1.JPG IMG_2404_3_1.JPG IMG_2405_4_1.JPG IMG_2406_5_1.JPG IMG_2407_6_1.JPG
  5. And a couple more . . .
    IMG_2408_7_1.JPG IMG_2409_8_1.JPG IMG_2412_9_1.JPG
  6. that stamp is too pretty to be on the bottom of the bag! i love it!
  7. Here is my Morning After Mini in chocolate.

    The color is a bit "off" in this picture.

    And the smooshy leather....
  8. My RM Dark Grey Matinee arrived today from Label 360!! Here are some shots of this TDF bag. I love it!! I really liked the Skull tissue paper lol...

    11-19-07%20001.jpg 11-19-07%20004.jpg 11-19-07%20008.jpg 11-19-07%20012.jpg 11-19-07%20009.jpg
  9. Hey Missy! Didnt you order 5 RM bags? Which are the other ones?
  10. Hey GUNG! Thanks to your thread on Label 360's 30% off, I got the Dark Grey Matinee : ). I'm sill patiently waiting for the 4 bags I ordered from the RM Sample Sale. It's been 2 whole weeks now since I ordered those bags. I should be getting the MA Mini in Blue and Tomato, Glazed Espresso Nikki, and Glazed Almond Matinee.
  11. RM Matinee in blue with grey suede flaps:

    With flash:


    Without flash:


  12. ^^^love that blue!

    here are close ups o' mine...

    RM black.jpg

    Black mini

    RM brown.jpg

    Brown Suede mini. Still not completely in love with her yet. May send her back for a leather Mocha mini.

  13. i've noticed that in pictures on most websites that the color of this bag looks a bit grey. would you say it looks more grey than blue in person? i'm curious because i'm thinking of getting this color. thanks!
  14. Thanks! I was never really interested in the blue/grey before. The only pictures I could find online didn't look that appealing to me. In person though, I fell in love with it. It's an unusual color- somewhere in between the first two pictures I posted. It's a smoky blue, definitely more blue than grey, if that makes sense!