Rebecca Minkoff Perry and Affair-Givenchy and Chanel?

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  1. Hi everyone! What is everyone's thoughts on the new Rebecca Minkoff Perry bag? I was shocked when I saw it because it looks so much like the Givenchy Antigona! I also thought the Affair bag looks very similar to Chanel with the quilting and chain strap. I was wondering what you guys thought of these bags? Of course I would love to have Givenchy and Chanel but if I'm going to spend $200-$500 on a bag I just want to make sure that no one is going to think I'm wearing a knockoff when I'm really just wearing a Rebecca Minkoff bag. I have a couple of Rebecca Minkoff bags but I'm wanting a new one for spring and was looking into these. They are very cute and of course the price is much more affordable with a similar look. So what do you guys think? Should i go for it or do they look too similar to high end designers?
  2. I agree with you about the Perry Satchel. I do think it is too heavily inspired by other high end bags.

    The Affair I think has its own style, the Chanel has a clasp and a logo, which the Affair does not have.
  3. I like them both. I don't work with a single person or really have a single friend that would say... "Oh wait... look at that knock off Givenchy bag." They only know of Michael Kors! Perhaps it is a product of where I live (eastern NC) but either way, I would just get the one or both because I like them... Especially if they are nice quality.

    To each his own tho! You should LOVE the bag if you plan to purchase it! If it is not love... it is not right!
  4. I don't think anyone would think ure wearing a knock off when it clearly had another designers name on it.
    and I don't think either is soooooo similar that across d street u would mistaken u for wearing the higher end version or that u were trying to make it look like the higher version.

    I like both bags and am seriously contemplating a perry satchel, I think the affair is a lovely bag too and it comes in non chanel colours too so if u were concerned u could go for one of those, not that there's anything wrong with black etc, just if u were really feeling self conscious

    is it because other people around u have the higher end bags? it doesn't matter either way, others can have their chanel/givenchy etc and others can have their rm/Michael kors they are different price points for different people and for me, rm bags aren't exactly cheap either!
  5. thanks everyone for the advice and help!!! :smile: i am loving the Rebecca Minkoff bags and definitely would love to own them one day. Theyre much easier on the wallet for me haha :smile: I have friends that can get kinda bag snobbish and only wear high end brands so they can get a bit weird when it comes to contemporary brands & how they look alike. but for me i think the RM bags can hold me over for now haha. I really want the perry satchel too! A bit of a splurge, I hope to find them on sale later on!
  6. Perry satchel remonds me of Furla Papermoon satchel too.
    Affair is definitely Chanel inspired but Katr Spade makes similar bags too. RM has many high end designer inspired bags but they have nice quality and detailing and they dont look like cheap knockoffs.
  7. I love RM but the mini affair esp reminds me if my Chanel WOC ..

    Btw is the amorous also 'inspired'?
  8. The affair is quilted but not too much like a chanel flap to quite be a knockoff, though the mini affair is pushing it.

    The Perry though is such a dead ringer for Antigona that I wouldn't carry it.

    The Amorous satchel is shaped and constructed like the Fendi 2jours, especially with the metal corners on top and the way the interior is divided and closed. But it has a lot of features like the leather piece on the front and the zipper trip on the sides that don't make it look so much like a copy as the Perry.

  9. Yeah well I think I might go for the Cupid next on second thought. Yeah the mini affair is Realky very woc like.. Pity cos her colours are so lovely!

  10. I couldn't agree more ;) I love my LV bags but the premier designers are pushing their limits beyond being affordable for some so why not be able to rock a similar style bag made from a more pocket friendly designer. I am venturing back to RM for this same reason.
  11. Maybe it's due to the fact that I'll probably never get a Chanel flap.. but I am loving my affair more then I would've loved the flap!
  12. I like the older circle quilted affairs because they were Chanel inspired but had their own twist. I'm not a fan of the newer diamond quilt affairs though.
  13. This is also why I'm holding out on perry satchel, I don't want to spend $500 on a bag only to have people think that I'm carrying a knockoff that can be bought on ebay for $50. (I think in more fashion conscious cities, this is a major problem..)
  14. I personally think the Perry Satchel looks like too much of a copy. I don't mind designers copying other designers, but I expect to see something of their own in the bag. Some creativity, some detail that gives the bag a unique touch.