Rebecca Minkoff or Marc by Marc Jacobs????


Oct 28, 2011
So I have a question .. Me and my friend have been disagreeing about something.. So I wanted everyone else's opinion... Which is a more up expensive brand Rebecca Minkoff or Marc by Marc Jacobs? ( Not regular Marc Jacobs).. In other words which is better quality? And worth spending ur money on.... Thanks so much for ur help! I'll tell u which way we sided after a few people answer... ; )


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Dec 11, 2005
I think both brands have their strong points. I find there are more RMs that appeal to me, whereas I only own one MBMJ bag. However, I've had no problem with either brands quality - though apparently, Cust. Service was lacking at RM for awhile there if you check out the subforum.


Oct 28, 2011
I mean I own one Rebecca Minkoff a Mini Mac and one Marc by Marc Jacobs a Hillier Hobo.. So I mentioned to my friend that Rebecca Minkoff had a similar hobo style that I like the Nikki hobo but I said I would want the Marc Jacobs one over Rebecca Minkoff any day.. And she was quick to point out its Marc by Marc Jacobs (she tends to do that a lil nitpicky but I'm use to it.). Her point is that Rebecca Minkoff is one designer line and Marc by Marc Jacobs is a lower line of the bigger designer.. My point is even though it's MBMJ it's still Marc Jacobs and I look at his stuff as better than hers but I guess it's all opinion.... Cuz from what I see the prices are pretty comparable.... if anything I think MBMJ quality is equal to or better than hers not lower.. But again it's my opinion I guess...
Mar 15, 2011
I'm partial, but I say MBMJ.

To address your recent conversation, IMO, the name on the bag does not make it quality. Just because one has a designer's name and the other is a diffusion line, doesn't mean that one is automatically better than the other. They are both 'contemporary' design collections and SHOULD be of a like quality. If someone looks at it like that, I think they are focused more on the image than on the product's actual quality (once again, just IMO).


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Sep 16, 2009
I think they are pretty even. I like the styles of RM more, but some of the MBMJ are nice. I also think the RM's have nicer linings. I'm not one fore the cheaper nylon linings that some of the MBMJ have. Really, it depends on the bag and the leather. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality.
Sep 23, 2005
I've had a few RMs and sold them all. For a while there were quality issues with RM, like feet falling off bags, I had to send one bag from Australia back to RM USA because it arrived with missing feet.

And a couple of other RMs had bad leather, one stained permanently in the rain, the other pale color had a darker color coming thru. This was a couple of years ago, they may be better now.

I only have one mbmj but it's tough. I was looking in the mbmj store recently and I liked a lot of the leather bags, they seemed solid and well constructed.


Jun 27, 2012
i have several of both...the mbmj quality is FAR under the rebecca minkoff quality. that doesn't mean i like RM bags that much more; but from a leather quality standpoint, mbmj isn't as great.

my RM bags get put through the wringer; i actually rolled over my desire bag with my desk chair, and got it stuck in the wheels, and it was ok. my mbmj bags can't take that kind of abuse.


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Feb 16, 2009
It is a tough question as these are probably my two favorite handbag lines...

One factor is the big amount of variability in the types of leathers on RM bags - some of them are amazing leather and quality and others are kinda 'eh' (I say this as a die-hard Minkette, BTW). Whereas the MbMJ bags I have (which are, granted a few years old at this point) have a lot more consistency in the leathers across all of the bags.

Also, just as MbMJ has MJ as it's premier designer counterpart, RM has the Rebecca Minkoff Collection line, which is higher end from regular RM.

Honestly, I think it's a tie - while broadly speaking, MbMJ has a lot more brand recognition, I view both MbMJ and RM on equal footing from a cost/quality perspective.