Rebecca Minkoff on Bluefly!

  1. Wow thanks for the tip GUNG!
  2. a bronze Nikki??? where did that come from?

    Gung~I love your avatar!!! Jordan was my favorite!
  3. Blue mini Nikki now gone!
  4. Alright you b*tches, who bought the silver Date Clutch? I wanted that one!

  5. Yay. When I checked earlier all that was left was the green elisha, and bronze nikki, but I just checked again and the blue mini nikki was back up as well as the silver date clutch. I just got the date clutch, so any of you who wanted the mini nikki or date clutch might wanna go check now!

  6. Never mind! :shame:
    ~makes an eye appointment~
  7. :wtf: *Runs off to grab the clutch....*
  8. I hope it was you that just got it because now it says "item no longer available"!

  9. Sweet! Yup, I snagged it. Thanks for the heads up!

    *I should add that there's a new customer code HAPPY082 that's good for $30 off orders of $150 or more.
  10. I just ran into this on Bluefly cruising around--I almost peed my pants. I was checking the other day and nothing then BOOM, she's there! But a mini Nikki??!!! OMG!!!! I totally missed that. I ordered the bronze Nikki, I think it is going to be WAYYY too goldie for me but I will return it if I need to. I just had to before it was too late. This is my second RM .
  11. O.K. so Luna Boston carries the Bronze....
  12. They've added more bags! Last time I looked there was just the green Elisha and the bronze Nikki. Now there is also a blue Nikki mini, an elephant Easy hobo plus a glazed almond Easy satchel.
  13. ugh!!! I keep missing the mini nikki!! I just missed this post by hours! Did anyone order form here???!!! What is Bluefly doing---torturing me/us?!