Rebecca Minkoff (NON-GLOSSY) Leather--HELP!

  1. Okay, so some of you may have seen my pics of my new Royal MA. It was in a store (I still can't belive they had this color). Anyway, it had been on the shelf for a while so there are a lot of little scratches and scuffs (see pic: I also did get an extra %10 off.

    My question is what is the BEST way to remove them and/or care for the leather now? Thanks!
  2. Definitely try some leather lotion to see if you can buff it out. I have the regular blue which is the non glossy type of bag. Yours must be really soft!
  3. What's the regular blue like? Can you show me a pic? Thanks!!!
  4. sure hold on a minute I'll take a pic. I've been meaning to take pics of my RM's anyway.
  5. I have the Royal with Basketweave, so pretty much the same color in that same style, and Appleguard works great. Test it on a non-visible spot first, though.
  6. Here you go!

  7. your bag is very pretty!! mine is definitely way more beat up. I have purchased Coach leather cleaner and lotion... So, you think I should try the lotion? I don't want a film on the bag!
  8. It doesn't make a film. I've never had a film problem? Mine is just wrinkley. I use mine ALL the time! Actually I have lotion on this bag! Just DON"T OVERDUE IT. It doesn't leave slime or anything. It soaks in. I use Wilson's for everything.
  9. Thanks!! And, HitchcockBlonde--can I see your RM bag? How do you take care of your royal leather?
  10. I use my eggplant MAM all the time and it already has a little scratch-- I'd better order some Wilson's ASAP. Does Wilson's change the finish or color at all?
  11. Here it is! Sorry, I am not a very good photographer. I use Applegarde. It works great. I've had the bag for I think almost about a year now and it has held up really well, even though I carry it all the time.
  12. wow your bag does look great. mine is really worn looking--loot at my pic again and tell me what you think--it's at the start of the post. what should i do? just condition it or call and ask for more $ off??
  13. Nope it doesn't jenny. I use the spray, lotion, and wipes from them. Not one bad experience from using Wilson's and I use it on every bag. The spray is used on every single bag I get. The wipes are nice to clean them quick and I use the lotion occasionally as well, especially when I store bags in dust bags.

    Oh also I wanted to add it doesn't smell up the bag or anything. All my bags still smell like leather. Also I would wait for 20 percent off+free shipping offer for wilsons (they do it often).
  14. Thank you nmarcus! I looked again and I think yours looks fine! It just looks like maybe it was stored inside somewhere for awhile. I think if you get some Applegarde or something similar and rub it onto the bag, it will sparkle more. That's what always happens with mine. The leather they use is really nice and responds really well to the Applegarde for me. Just patch test it first.
  15. NM if you really like the bag I'd try the lotion first. Other brands other girls use on the board are apple and luvinmybags. The lotion helps and keeps the bag nice and supple. I'm thinking maybe with a soft cloth and lotion you might be able to buff/reduce some of the scratches out. That's what I generally do when I get scratches.

    It will at least help all the small ones. Looking at your pic though I have to really strain to see any scratches!

    I like the blue color of your bag. If you really love it I'd try saving it. If not, I'd still lotion it to at least sell it on eBay!

    BTW where did you buy the bag? If the scratches came like that then definitely call.