Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Owners...HELP!!!!

  1. This is urgent as I'm on a time crunch. So I have recently fallen in love with the Nikki bag. I've read and re-read the Hot Spot and Photos threads and then searched TPF as a whole. I've only come across two modeling pictures of the Nikki. I have found two Nikkis that I am very interested in and need to make a decision rather quickly. I love the hobo style but I don't want a bag that is overwhelming. I read in the Hot Spot thread that Rebecca might bring back the mini Nikki but don't know when that will be or what colors she will I don't want to regret passing up the Nikki now or waiting for the mini Nikki only to not be able to get the colors I want. My question is for the tall/what size are you? And what all do you typically carry in your bag? Any information you can give me about the Nikki or any modeling shots would be greatly appreciated. TIA! :smile:
  2. Knasarae, here are pics of Nikki from a while ago. I'm about 5'5", 110 lbs.

    I didn't keep it because I didn't like the feet and also, it holds too much for the amount I usually carry (wallet, keys, book, nothing much else). Loved the leather, though.
    Minkoff.jpg Minkoff%20studs.jpg
  3. It looked really good on you, thanks for the pic. You felt like it overwhelmed you though? You and I are the same height but I'm thicker (size 8). I carry more than you do but don't know that I carry enough to keep it occupied. Thanks for your help!
  4. I'm 5'1" and I carry the mini nikki. The regular nikki Is too large for me. Like the second picture above, it really sticks out alot on me. If I were 5'5" no problem. At that height I believe the mini would be too small but everyone tastes differ. I typically carry in my mini a checkbook, wallet, letters, phone and makeup bag. Good luck!
  5. I'm about the same size as you and don't find the Nikki the least bit overwhelming, I think it's perfect. I like it for just carrying essentials or for carrying extras like a magazine, etc. What do you need to carry?

    The mini Nikki is avail. at Luna Boston in brown and purple, but I tried it on and found it way too small, not comfortable to wear on my shoulder, especially with a winter coat.
  6. 5'5" and a size 8/10 and the Nikki is the PERFECT size. Once my batteries are charged, I can take a modeling pic for you. I am saving her to wear once I get a bit bored of the MAB. I love the size and everything about Nikki. This is the hobo that brought me back to hobos after I was *totally* over them! :tup::yes:
  7. thanks citychris! I typically carry a large cosmetics case, wallet, credit card holder, pens & small pad, pda, cell phone, Nintendo DS Lite, iPod, lotion, tide to go pen, lipgloss, mirror, change purse, and some miscellaneous stuff in the small inside pocket. So you think that would be too much for the mini nikki?
  8. kellykapoor, you are an angel...we are the same height and size! I'd love to see the pic. I think the Nikki will be the one for me!
  9. thank you so much for this thread! i too searched and couldn't find many pics of the regular sized nikki being modeled. i went ahead and ordered it anyway and i should receive it monday or tuesday. i am 5'4", but people say i appear taller, but regardless i love big bags! i'm hoping it will look fine!
  10. I don't think the Nikki is too big at all. I don't really like big bags and I own a mini Nikki, but I tried on the Nikki and it's a good size, not huge and overpowering. Since it's flat it also fits nicely under your arm (unlike the MA or MAB). I'm 5'6" and a size 4/6
  11. I think it would probably be too much but someone with the mini Nikki would know better.
  12. No problem, I hope you like your Nikki!

    I didn't think it was too big for my body size, but to me, it made little sense to be carrying a large everyday bag for the very, very few items I usually have.
  13. I'm 5'4" and have been using my Nikki as my work bag. It slouches alot so I don't feel overwhelmed by it. It's very comfortable to carry and doesn't bang against my hip when I walk (I hate that in a bag).

    Sorry I don't have a pic-- I'm still trying to work that out.
  14. I had the Glazed Espresso Nikki and though the color was beautiful, I just didn't like the style on me. I'm 5'6" and a size 8 and it slouched too much for me. I have a pic, sorry for the bad quality.

  15. I wouldn't trade my Nikki for anything! I'm 5'3, size 8-10(depending on clothing brand), and I don't find the size overwhelming, but I tend to prefer bigger bags. Trust me, I tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bags, so I never even considered that this bag could be "too big" - same with the MAB.