Rebecca Minkoff Nikki: Mini or Regular?

  1. I'm perusing Funkylala's website and see that there are two different sizes.

    I'm assuming that Hillary Duff's is the Regular...just wondered if anyone has the Mini or has pics of it.

    I'm 5'4" and tend to get swallowed by the bigger bags...TIA
  2. I like the morning after, too. From the pics I've seen, the regular looks like it would be a big bag-- especially on a small frame (I'm 5'3''). I'd say go for the mini? I don't think the mini is really tiny...more of a regular size. Hope that's not too confusing!
  3. Well I just got a message from a FunkyLala SA - here are the dimensions for comparison, if anyone cares:

    Nikki Mini
    16" wide at the base
    13" wide at the top
    11" high
    3 1/2" deep at the base

    Nikki Regular
    20" wide at the base
    13.5" wide at the top
    14.5" high
    4 1/4" deep at the base

    hmm it sounds like the Mini might work better for, what color is the next question :confused1: