Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo... glazed espresso?

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a nikki hobo in glazed espresso? I'm so obsessed with this color and bag.... :sad:
  2. did you try RM website?
  3. has it in espresso (it doesn't say "glazed" specifically but do they make UNglazed espresso)?
  4. PS. lunaboston has 25% off this week with grechen25.
  5. Thanks ladies!! maybe I'll just order from lunaboston and see what that espresso color is like... I don't know if RM made an espresso "unglazed"

    I can return at lunaboston right? even with the 25% off?
  6. Yes, you can return it even if you used a code.

    The color is really nice in real life. My friend has it. The leather is super yummy. I don't think the glazed leather is as soft and smooshy, so you made a good choice in my opinion. :yes:

  7. Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better about ordering something I haven't seen IRL. Actually very comforting, especially since I can return with that code.

    Do you know when the grechen25 will expire?
  8. grechen25 only lasts for this week - I think until the 26th??
    But LB always has a grechen code for 20% off.
  9. Yes the espresso color is yummy!! Really nice...let us know if you get it and make sure you post pics!