Rebecca Minkoff Morning After

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  1. Can someone fill me in on why Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bags are so hot right now? It seems everyone is buying them up and its creating a frenzy of more buying because everyone is buying them. It makes me want one and I don't know anything about them!
  2. I'm not sure how they caught on. RM had a few sample sales where the bags were uber-cheap and that might have fueled some sales. Plus a few celebrities (Lindsay Lohan, Hayden Panettiere) were pictured carrying the RM Morning After and Morning After Mini and anytime a hot celeb is carrying a designer it seems to get more popular. I just bought one, but not until I saw that it was in a color I liked. I didn't need another black or gray bag.
  3. i bought one last summer because i saw it on MTV's the Real World Denver and started obsessing over it. then it started becoming majorly popular after it was photographd on hayden panettiere, lindsay lohan, hilary duff, etc. i just love it because it is a really nice, usuable bag. i think it is also very unique looking and i just love it so much!! i can't recommend it more!!!
  4. I think the reason RM is so hot `right now is for several reasons: (1) The Moderators made a trip to NY recently and interviewed Rebeeca Minkoff. The interview was posted on The Purse Blog and was very insightful, (2) Rebecca Minkoff hosted a Sample Sale with prices around 30-35% off retail. Unlike most designers that do sample sales, RM took pre-orders via telephone & email so buyers all over the US could get bags and not just residents of NY, (3) Nordstroms recently marked down their RM bags 50%. Once people heard 1/2 off, they scurried for the bags, (4) The bags have recently been featured in several mags & online pics on the arms of Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Penattiere. It was even one of Life & Styles' Top 10 Items of what's Hot last week.

    RM bags have actually been around for a while. It only seems that recently they've become "must have." Between the creation of the new Matinee style (which seems to be a great hit!) and all the recent press, I imagine she will be rather popular for a while.
  5. Hmm..I guess I just can't figure it out though. A lot of Linea Pelle's bags have been seen on celebrities, Hayden Panettiere included and people like Rhianna, Vanessa Minillio, etc. but I don't see them becoming wildly popular. I guess it just takes something or someone to push these over the edge like the interview with Rebecca Minkoff. The Purse Blog/Forum has such a wide following, it seems to have taken just a few people to start a handbag craze.
  6. At least for me, it became a "must have" bag for me after I had one, if that's even possible. I got one because I thought it looked nice and was a good deal. Then once I had it I realized that it was the perfect functional bag for me. I think the lack of details make it that way for a lot of people. Now I have two and am contemplating a third.
  7. Maybe people just like the Morning After bag. Both Linea Pelle and Rebecca Minkoff bags have been seen on celebs, but I don't care for the LP bag. I do own a Morning After mini though.
  8. The Morning After Bag is an anomaly. It doesn't fit any mode. It defies. IMO.
    It's big without being huge.
    It has substantial hardware without making the bag heavy.
    It's structured, yet shouchy.
    Traditionally an arm bag, but I can put it over my shoulder.
    Fairly inexpensive (especially if you get a great deal) - yet if feels luxurious.

    I have a Dark Grey that I haven't put down since I bought it. I plan to buy another RM bag soon.

    That's how I see it.
  9. I have not gotten my MA mini yet, but I do have 2 of her clutches. What I love about her bags is that they are roomy! I'm able to fit a loaded Kiss & Make up clutch into my loaded Get away clutch. Plus she put a zipper pocket and 2 other pockets into the get way. Her bags are well made and I just love the leather! Basically, I feel like I got alot for my money!
  10. Well I don't have my bag yet (I ordered the clutch in glazed espresso @ the sample sale because it was cute & different - actually bought as gift but will prob keep) I like the syles - simple yet still different. I was just @ luna boston & I also like the leather. It's pretty & not paper thin like a lot of the other bags I saw there. The morning after & mini bag in person are actually very appealing & I checked out the blind date clutch too which is adorable!
  11. I didn't understand the big deal about these bags until I bought one. I am madly in love with it! It is the first bag that I have been excited about since Balenciaga and Chloe Paddingtons. I dress very casual (always in jeans), and the morning after bag matches ALL of my outfits. It is also the perfect size (mini) and very functional. I just ordered my second one and I can't wait to get it. I prefer the silver hardware though . . . and wish that she made more colors with the silver hardware.
  12. I think sample sales always help. It helped her bag become more noticed. Now if only Jenny Yuen would have a sample sale soon because I'm drooling over her bags. I have bought brands just because I like them even though they aren't well known. RM MMA looks like a very functional bag as well.

    o also rereading your post I wouldn't buy a bag just because everyone else has one. If you like the bag, what reason do you have not to buy it? I was interested in RM before I even noticed celebrities wearing it lol That was just a plus.
  13. I bought a MA at a unique jewelry shop in Massachusetts over a year ago...yes, I am not kidding. The owner liked the designs on a buying trip to NY and picked up two of her styles: the MA and the Nikki. I literally went into the shop to check out some earrings and a brown MA was there that I could not take my eyes off of. I had no idea who R Minkoff was, I had never seen the bag before, but as soon as I picked it up I was in more love with it than I had been with anything for a while.
    I think I squealed when I opened it and found (my favorite fabric) red gingham lining.
    I think the workmanship is incredible and it is trendy while also being an incredibly classic style.
    I have recently gotten the Nikki in grey-blue (courtesy of sample sale) and I adore it; however, I still say my MA is my fav......It is no surprise to me that this bag is so hot!
  14. I just received my MA mini in the wine color - it is without a doubt the most sumptuous leather I have felt in my life. I love this bag already way more than my other bags. I'm so glad I bought looks so well made and like I said, the leather is TDF.