Rebecca Minkoff Morning After - White Basketweave $275

  1. This is cheaper than the RM sample sale prices! I would snag it, but I want a MA mini.
  2. where is this?
  3. Thanks! Sold out already. I am also looking for the mini because the normal version is way too big for my body type.

    They have some really amazing shoes. Too bad I am on a shoe ban...
  4. It's showing up as in stock for me. I'm not interested in white though so I hope a TPF'er gets it! :yes:
  5. Shopdoc...not sure if you're interested, but ShopLanguage has the cream mini on sale for $465.. I also wrote to them a while back to request a promo code and received one for an additional 20% off ... I never used it. If it no longer works, you could write to them for one. Although, at $373....not sure how great a sale price that is!

    Here's the coupon may find something else on their site you like instead.
  6. Thanks so much! I didn't know I could write and ask for a coupon code. I will do that from now on.
  7. I've been turned down by some boutiques, however I have had positive results as well!! Shop Purple Skirt not only reduced a Mike & Chris bag to the same price point as what Revolve was selling it for, but they also gave me the 30% discount!!! The bag arrived beautifully boxed as well!! One more thing....Revolve Clothing also offers the new customer discount to more than one member of your family. Here's their email response.....

  8. I tried following in your footsteps and asked for a coupon code since i'm a new customer, but I still haven't heard from them. I guess that means "no!" :smile:
  9. Bagshop normally doesn't do codes; once you've purchased from them once, they tell you to put a certain code in your next orders for 10% off. If they've changed this policy, let us know!