Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Tote and laptop

  1. Hi guys :p,

    I'm just wondering, can the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini Tote fit a small laptop that is around 12 inches? I am buying a Morning After bag, but can't decide if I should go with the regular size or the mini one. If you guys can help me decide, that will be great! People who are lucky to have either bag in either size, please feel free to tell me what you think as well. Thanks so much!!! ;):heart::yes:
  2. the Mini won't hold a laptop for sure. not sure about the Regular.
  3. the regular MA bag will definitely hold a 12" laptop..
  4. Thank you guys so much! :p I was contemplating which size to choose and was actually leaning more towards the mini sized one since I've heard comments about how HUGE the regular one is. However, I want to be able to fit my Dell XPS M1210 laptop (I think it's 12'? not really sure about the dimensions) in it as I want to bring the bag to school. Now I think maybe I should go with the regular size one. I guess I'm kind of greedy :graucho:-- I want a bag that can fit everything so that I can take it to school, yet at the same time I want the bag to look good being carried as an everyday bag as well. :yes::heart::love:
  5. i think it also depends on your height a bit. the regular size one (large) is a bit too big for me, and i'm only 5'3".

    but if you like the look of big bags, definitely go for it. it's a very pretty bag.
  6. I agree...I have the regular morning after size and I think it works well as an everyday bag (I'm 5'6). It's big, but not too much so :smile: I've seen it compared in another thread to the size of a LV Speedy 30...