Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini - no dust bag!!??

  1. I just got my Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini today. I don't know if it's because there was a sample sale going on or what, but my bag arrived almost a month later! I ordered it on November 1, and I just received it today. I sent emails asking them a couple of times but no response whatsoever.

    To my further disappointment, it doesn't come with a dust bag. Doesn't her bag usually come with a dust bag? I can't believe that the bag this expensive doesn't come with one. Or is this just a mistake? Can someone enlighten me please?

    Other than the disappointment, the bag is really beautiful. The leather is buttery soft. I really like it.

    Thank you (and sorry for the rant)
  2. Rebecca Minkoff bags should come with a dustbag; I have four and Three of them arrived with a dustbag. The only one that didn't was the bag I ordered from Nordstrom.
  3. where did you get it from? sometimes its just an oversight. you can always ask for one...companies usually stock up on them :smile:
  4. i just got my bag from the sample sale yesterday - a chocolate nikki. it came with a dust bag.
    i'm sure you can just ask them for one...?
  5. mine also was missing a dustbag. First RM too so I am a bit disappointed to have to go through the troubles of trying to get one. i've been trying to get one for several weeks now. they said they would send one out to me but I still have not received anything. every day that it doesn't come feels like i'm holding onto false hope. :crybaby:
  6. All my RM bags that I received from the Sample Sale came with their dustbags. But I didn't receive one for my Dark Grey Matinee from Label 360. I contacted them and they said they would send me one.
  7. Thank you everyone.

    I got mine from the RM website. I didn't get it from the sample sale though. I paid full price. It's just that I bought it online when there was a sample sale going on at that time. I'm from Canada, and I didn't know about the sample sale until two weeks ago when I browsed through TPF. I guess they must have been very busy from the sample sale event.

    Well, I guess I should call them then. They didn't response to my emails :sad:
  8. Back in the day, RM bags didnt come with a dust bag. Then they came out with a white "meshy" type of dustbag and then finally the brown cotton one (to the best of my knowledge) I can say for almost certain that there was a time when you could buy an RM bag and not expect a dust bag. I know that doesnt really help, but I wanted to toss in my two cents:yes:
  9. Definitely give them a call. Jes is super nice. I also got dustbags for all my RMs except for the one I got from Nordstrom on sale. Sorry you had to go throught the hassle.
  10. They made cotton sleepers? I got a RM sleeper with my Matinee bag and its satin - I don't really like it, especially with the Matinee. The leather on my Matinee bag has more of a matte finish and whenever I put it inside the sleeper, it's gets full of static electricity. In fact, when I first got home and took the bag out of its sleeper, it actually sparked there was so much static electricity!!!

    I didn't get a RM sleeper w/my MA (Nordstroms) so they gave me a Kooba one instead. I was going to use the satin RM for my MA since it's a glazed leather which won't get so static-y, but the bags too small. I tried contacting RM about (the same time I asked about the shoulder strap), but haven't heard back yet.
  11. I ordered the royal blue/brown basketweave Morning After mini from Lunaboston a couple of months ago. It didn't come with a dust bag so I emailed to ask about it. I got a reply saying that all the "newer" bags would start coming with dust bags....I was assuming Spring 2007 or Fall 2007 since my bag was more "last years" version.
  12. I bought my first one from Delcina and it came with a brown satiny dust bag.

    I bought one (a white one) from Ynotshop and I specified that I had to have a dust bag. The owner told me it didn't come with one so I indicated I would cancel the order. She assured me she would get me one but never did. I mentioned my experience with Ynotshop on this board after that happened months ago because it was relevant to another person's post. I tried emailing the RM showroom after hearing on this board how helpful the people are over at RM. I never heard back. Later I got an email from Ynotshop saying she heard there had been "negative press" about her shop and going on to say she had a family emergency and that was why I never heard back from her. She said she tried but couldn't get a dust bag. The whole thing was SO odd and sort of creepy. I was so put off. It was a WHITE bag!!! I paid over $300 for it!!! Before the bag was charged I said that I needed the dust bag and was assured I would get one.

    For some reason, although I LOVE the RM morning after mini, the whole dust bag fiasco left a bad taste in my mouth. I know it might sound weird to people who are not obsessed with bags. But a designer that sells higher end bags really should include a dust bag. I know I expect one in order to be able to keep my babies looking their best. I was really disappointed with my experience with Ynotshop but I was really frustrated when my email to RM went without so much as a reply.

    Maybe I'll give RM a try again but I'll call this time. It's possible that they did email me but it went to spam right? I always like to give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I'll try Jes. I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who expects a dust bag! Sorry my post is so long. I've had this bottled up for so long and this thread was just what I needed to vent!!!
  13. I would have done the exact same thing you did lawchick. I pay a lot for my bags and I expect to have everything included with the purchase, especially if I know the bag comes with a duster. I think it is important to maintain the life of the bag. RM bags are not cheap. For the money we pay for our bags, I think everyone would expect good customer service.

    Jes was the person I contacted awhile back for the duster. She was prompt in replying and said she would ship one out to me. This was 3 weeks ago. I emailed her again few days ago and have not received a response. I'm starting to think I am never going to receive it. :s
  14. I got a dust bag with both the RM bags I ordered. I wanted to ask if anyone else had streaks on their black leather. I'm a perfectionist and the set of streaks on my MAM are driving me crazy.
  15. I just got one sent to me with a dustbag. However, the last one I got from the previous sample sale did not come with a dustbag.