Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Tangerine

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    After spotting this bag on Vanessa Hudgens, all Rebecca Minkoff fans have been going crazy over this bag! The bag is the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Tangerine from the Spring 2008 collection. While the bag has not hit stores yet, it has already created a buzz. The color is not an in-your-face orange, rather a burnt orange that gives the perfect shade of color while being easy to wear. All I know is this version is super hot, and I am hoping I can get my hands on one when they are available! Inquire through Rebecca Minkoff and keep checking to see when the Spring 2008 bags will be on their site!

  2. Rebecca was kind enough to share the picture with me! So here you all go, it is truly stunning!
  3. This bag takes my breath away!!!! :love::love::love:
  4. That is one gorgeous bag. Very unique color.
  5. :wtf: I NEED that bag.

    we're going to need an alert when this bag is available.
  6. I REALLY hope I can get this stunner!!
  7. Megs have you seen the lining/interior of the new bags??? I'm in love with the fleur-de-lis lining!
  8. I have nothing intelligent to say other than :drool:
  9. :drool:
  10. OMG!! Thanks Megs for posting it...I was looking all over for it. I am drooling...
  11. I've never been one for anything in the orange-family, but this bag is stunning! I first saw it in the "Girls" section of the RM website - I have to have one!
  12. I sure hope Rebecca anticipates the demand for this one. It looks like when it becomes available we're going to stampede!
  13. Thanks for the post, MEGS! Something about this tangerine + MAM makes me :nuts: and :drool:!

    I also really like her new hardware on this!
  14. That bag is gorgeous! I LIKE that colour!
  15. I already told her that you all are going crazy over it!! So she knows :amuse:

    Isn't she beautiful!?!?