Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Black

  1. Hi, I'm loving the new Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Black that came out this year. If you have it, could you let me know how the leather feels like? Is it smooth or pebbly? Also, it looks from her website that the top zipper is edged in black, is that right? I know that the older RM Black MA Mini has a top zipper edged in blue, would like to know the difference. Any help would be much appreciated!!
  2. I just got a black one. I :heart: it!!! The leather is smooth and soft. I guess it is a little textured, but definitely not peppled. The zipper is black, although I did notice that it used to be blue. You might also want to search for the other threads about this bag, as there have been several. Hope that helps!
  3. I just ordered Rebecca Minkoff's Elisha in glazed espresso from her website. Called before placing the order and talked to the nicest person. She told me all about the bags, leathers, made in NYC, etc. No shipping charges on any USA order and no tax. Bag wasn't on sale but liked the no shipping/no tax. Will be my first RM bag - can't wait.
  4. Hi,

    I own a Morning After Bag in the black leather with the basket weave edging. The zipper outlines are a royal blue with black fleur-de-lis lining. I bought it at the RM sample sale a couple of month ago. The leather is very soft and very durable (considering that I got caught in atorrential rain stornm and there was no damage done to the bag). It is extremely roomy and great. It is a great investment. Don't worry about the differences int eh zipper and lining, they change them every season. The blue version was last season and won't be sold again. I think that her bags will become classics in time, considering that they are featured in Lucky magazine every month.