Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in Tomato... Regular or mini, regular or mini, !?!?!?!?

  1. I want this bag now! But I have been debating with myself for the past THREE days and have searched the forum for comment on the MA and im still up in the air. Guys, convince me which one is better, please!
    AED20167thumb.jpg rm_ma6.jpg
  2. the sizes mixed up there in the first post. Please refer to this post...the 1st pic is the mini, the 2nd pic is the regular. Hmmmm kinda looks like the same bag LOL. The regular is just a wee bit taller and wider. I think I read somewhere on here that the regular is a bit larger than an LV Speedy 30. I have not seen the mini IRL.

    Regular: 14"w x 10"h x 9"d.

    Mini: 12.5"w x 8.5"h x 7"d.

    Lemme know what you guys think
    mini.jpg regular.jpg
  3. I have one of each and I prefer the mini.. its easier for me and in a popping color like tomato or in my case the cobalt blue I just felt the smaller ( mini) was better
  4. I have two minis, one in brown and one in cream. I originally ordered the regular in cream, but decided it was too big. It wasn't the length that bothered me, but the width. I like big bags, but the mini is big enough - it holds plenty. For reference, I'm an average-sized 5'4".
  5. I agree that the mini holds enough, unless you're really committed to the "morning after" name (and lifestyle!) and want to use it as an accidental overnight bag :smile:.
  6. Is it possible to post modelling pix of you with the regulare MA and the Mini MA? I have been debating for ages as well and I can't decide which one to get!
  7. I just bought the black regular and want a mini in carmel/brown. Tough decision. If I had to redo, I would have gone with a mini, perhaps. I am tallish at 5'8 and carry it well, but it is a lot of room. Well made though. I will ask here too, anyone see the mini in any other brown besides the chocolate and espresso?
  8. At, it says that the Speedy 30 is 12" L x 8" H x 6.5" W. If that is the case, then I would get the smaller version though I have not seen it IRL. The smaller version is still slightly bigger than the Speedy 30.
  9. mini. the regular is too big, and honestly if you fill it up i feel like it would just be too heavy.
  10. I have the regular morning after in chocolate. I went with the larger size to use it for school and travel. If I were buying one to use as a regular purse, I would definitely go with the mini. Plus I think the bright color looks better on a smaller bag. I love the red!
  11. All righty ladies..I bit the bullet and got the Morning after mini! Im fairly certain that I will love this handbag and will not end up selling it on eBay like I do with so many of my other online purchases! I will post pics ASAP!

    Since becoming a member of tPF, I have not uttered the word "ban" so this will be a first for me....but, Im officially on a BAN starting now.

    NO MORE JUSTIFICATION!!!!!!!!!!!! (i.e. Ohh but I dont have every color in the rainbow so in theory I dont have a bag for every feasible outfit that I have) (i.e. Ohh I need a small brown bag even though I already have a large brown bag, 2 dark brown small bags, and a dark brown large bag).

    Ok. Im going to shut up now :roflmfao:
  12. And...thank you so much ladies for your extremely valuable advice! I could not have made my purchase in sound mind without you guys!~
  13. foxiyellow, good choice! Can I ask where you found the tomato color?
  14. Yep, but not a mini in tomato. Thanks though!