Rebecca Minkoff Morning After - Hardware Modifications Poll


Do you prefer the tassels or the zipper pulls on the MA?

  1. I like those long tassels! leave them alone!

  2. I like those classic zipper pulls! Go for it!

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  1. Tassels versus zipper pulls

    I am contemplating on sending all of my MA/MAM's to Rebecca Minkoff to have the hardware/tassels modified. At present, the MA/MAM's, as you know, come with a a long hanging tassel on the front pocket and one on the top zipper pocket (shown in pics below on red MAM)

    I recently saw a picture of new RM bags that will debut in the spring with new metal zipper pulls, and I thought that I would really prefer the metal zipper pull instead of the hanging tassels. (Shown below on a blue matinee bag. I am just talking about the zipper pull, not the bag itself)

    After sending an inquiry to RM to see if this could be done, I finally received an answer and before sending my precious babies off to New York to get modified, I thought I would take a quick poll to see what the rest of the RM lovers thought.

    So, do you prefer the hanging tassels or do you prefer the zipper pulls?

    I think that the zipper pull might be more classic in looks, and less of a PITA, but I would love to know what you guys thought as well.

    Please take my poll! I need advice before I send in my lovelies!:yes::heart:

    b0b3_1.JPG rmshowroom4.jpg
  2. IMHO..the tassels.. it slightly different than other bags. well i just got mine so i just like it exactly the way it is;)

    although, the traditional zipper might be more practical in the sense that it could handle more wear and tear, depending on how much you open and close it. it looks fine with the zippers too... i guess you can't really go wrong. what if you just send one of the bags and see if you like it before you change them all?
  3. I personally like the tassels... I'm a tassel whore. But those new zippers look nice as well!
  4. I really like the tassels. Adds something special to the bag. When they're worn out and old--then send in the bag for modifications.
  5. i also prefer the tassels, it makes the bag unique!
  6. Gung- I totally agree with the others- the tassels are, IMHO, what MAKE the bag.
  7. zipper pulls in this case would look out of place, much prefer the tassles!
  8. It's totally a personal preference thing - and YES my tassels do sometimes get tangled or caught - but the tassels seem to just be such a part of the look of the MA bags. I'd hate to see them go!
  9. Gung, didn't you shorten the tassells on one of your bags already? I thought I'd remember reading someone doing that and I think it was you. So obviously the tassells bother you. I'm all about having things exactly the way I like it so if you can spare to be away from your precious beauties for a spell, I'll go against the grain and say go for it!
  10. GUNG - I voted for the zipper pulls, but honestly, I like keeping the tassel on the top of the bag. The tassel on the front pocket gets in my way and IMO detracts somewhat from the bag's simplicity. My solution was to take off the front tassel and I had various antique charms that I made into zipper pulls. One less tassel and a whole lot more character. ;P
  11. I replaced the tassels on the front pocket of my MAB with a zipper pull and moved the tassels to the D-ring on the back of the bag. I like to be able to mix it up. :yes:
  12. The tassels are the reason I was so drawn to the bag in the first place. Maybe they could create an option to remove them if people do not like them?
  13. I hate the tassels. I took all of them off my Matinee bag, except for the one that works the top zipper. That's the only zipper I use anyway. I think the tassels make it look too bohemian and casual.
  14. I personally am in love with the tassels!:heart:
  15. tassels set the handbag apart.