Rebecca Minkoff, Morning After, Black or Midnight?

  1. Hmm, I was thinking about getting a Rebecca Minkoff bag, in the Morning After style, but now I can't decide on the colour...

    Does anyone know if black has silver hardware, and if midnight has gold hardware?
    Or if midnight is more really really dark blue, than normal dark blue...
  2. I have a Black Matinee (w/blue suede) and it has gold hardware. I think, however, that black is available in either gold or silver hardware. I don't know if that's just the Matinee bag though, or if the MA is also available in either gold or silver.
  3. I'm also contemplating getting a RM mini (from eBay) as I'm not from the States. Anyone knows if there's any fake RM? I just want to be doubly sure before I hit the BIN button. TIA!!
  4. I don't know of RM being faked...yet!
  5. Have not seen any Minkoff on Ioffer- that is the place to check for what is baing faked.
    Black morning after comes in both silver and golden hardware.
  6. Hmm, on the website it doesn't give the option to have gold or silver hardware...?

  7. You'll love the Morning After no matter what. The black does come in both silver ahd gold hardware. Not sure about the Midnight. I am curious about the Midnight too. I have been trying to email the RM website all day, but I keep getting an auto reply about sample sale orders. Still trying though though, so I will try to get details and post them.
  8. Thanks! But, another question, how can I get it in black with gold hardware, because there doesn't seem to be an option to change the hardware colour...
  9. I know the black comes in both gold and silver. I have gold. But I on the RM website they didn't have the black/gold anymore. They do however, have the black/gold combo on