Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag

  1. I got the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag in blue patent leather and it was not really pricey only 489 at Jasmine Sola.. I gotta say at the moment its my fave bag.. I have the black patent ysl muse and its not nearly in as heavy rotation.. this blue minkoff is just fun.. I get tons of compliments on it and I love it.. cannot reccommend it enough..
  2. I would love to see a pic...
  3. Would you be able to post a pic of you wearing the bag? I've been wanting to get one for awhile now, but can't decide whether the large or the mini one would suit me better (I'm only 5' 2"). Thanks!
  4. If you don't mind a smaller bag I would deinately suggest you go with the mini. I have the regular and it is HUGE!
  5. I have the regular as well in an emerald green and I love it. The lines are simple yet beautiful. Great bag!
  6. I just ordered the mini in black. I'm hoping the leather doesn't scratch easy. It was a tough decision between the almond and the black. Can't arrive soon enough!:yahoo: