Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag on Sale

  1. has the Morning After Bag in coffee on sale for $465, if you type in the discount code Grechen, you'll get another 20% off so your total will be $372.00
  2. Luna Boston is a great store. The SA are all so nice and helpful (also pretty).

    I almost bought my MA mini from Luna. Then I went right down the street to Jasmine Sola where they had the MA mini marked down 60% plus I got an additional 5% off with my Jas Card and then another 10% off because there was a small scratch on one of the straps. I am pretty sure their sale has ended but you may want to call them and ask. This was at their Newbury Street location.

  3. What a great deal you got. I'm going to call them
  4. I called and they sent them all to the Warehouse Outlet in Boston. I called and they have not unpacked them yet but they do have them in blue and tan. I hope I can get a blue mini by calling in the morning.

    Thanks for the tip. I'm in NY and wondering if I should go up to Boston on Saturday
  5. i'm in NY too! did they say how much the morning afters would be at the warehouse outlet?
  6. They are 75% off $695
  7. thanks! $695 is a bit high for a morning after MINI, is it not? i thought retail was like $550...either way, great deal!
    how are you planning on getting there? train?
  8. It is high, but it is not the mini it is the bigger one. But still that is higher than I've seen it elsewhere. I would take the train to Boston, do you want to meet and go together?
  9. sfgirl, i was JUST looking up ways to get there. apparently greyhound bus is only $15 each way but acela/amtrak is $58. what do you think? last time i went to boston i took the train.
  10. The train is faster.
  11. I called Jasmine Sola's warehouse and they have 30,000 boxes that just came in and
  12. I called Jasmine Sola's warehouse and they have 30,000 boxes of inventory (of all kinds of things) that they need to process. They don't know when they'll get to the bags but said to call back tomorrow.
  13. you can also go cheap and take the chinatown bus specials. a round trip is $30 ($15 each way) . The Fung Wah bus departs from canal and bowery and the Lucky Star (more preferred - fung wah has been known to have buses explode or turning over - no joke) departs from chrystie (right around the corner) they also run every hour or half hour! =)
  14. Do you know if the warehouse takes phone orders?
  15. I just called and they said they do take phone orders (I am going to be out of town this weekend so can't go to the store in person). I spoke to Erin and she said Rebecca Minkoff was all sold out and she didn't know when they would get new ones :confused1: Maybe you want to call and confirm again before leaving for Boston...

    I went there today and they only had 2 beige Bulga crescent bags (went there yesterday and they had 3). Also, if it makes any difference, everything is 70% off. You can get a Jas card and once you spend $250, they will give you an additional 5% off.

    They have a lot of jeans, tank tops and etc. on sale as well. Some shoes too.

    I really want another Rebecca Minkoff MA.

    Oh, also I wouldn't take the Fung wah bus. Those guys drive like crazy and have horrible crash rates. I've heard they can make it to Boston in like 3 hours!