Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag - Huge Sale!!!

  1. Hello everyone,

    Ever since I found out about this forum, which was only two months ago, I came here often to look for deals on purses.

    I finally registered so that I can share this great news with you.

    There are two sites, one for regular Morning After Bag, and the other one for mini Morning After Bag.

    • Mini Morning After Bag
      • There are two sites
    I bought a Morning After Bag from and a mini one from language. I bought them about 5 minutes ago and both are still in stock.

    By the way, you must hurry for the cream mini bag. Language coupon code expires 08/31.

    Good Luck!!! :heart:
  2. BTW, the code "summer" doesn't expire until Sep 22nd but I am sure the bags will be gone before that.
  3. I ordered a bag from ynot shop and was less than pleased with the service I received. I specifically asked for a dustbag in my order. The owner called me after I placed the order to tell me she could not take the discount code on RM bags or My Flat in London bags. Fine, Ok. That was posted on the website. Then she told me the bags don't come with dust bags. I had just ordered and received a RM from another website and it came with a dust bag. I told her that and I told her I didn't want the bag unless it had a dustbag. She suggested I call RM to ask for one. I thought she should take care of it. Later in our conversation she assured me she would take care of it for me and either send a dustbag with the bag or send one shortly after. She said she didn't want to delay shipment of my bag so if it was going to take her more than a couple of days to get the dust bag from the RM showroom she would send me my MA bag and ship the dust bag separately.
    I got the bag but no dust bag. It's been about 3 weeks and not only did she fail to send a dust bag but she is not returning my phone calls. Very poor customer service. I would not order from that site again. I feel like she just told me what I wanted to hear so that she could go ahead and make a sale. I am very unhappy with the service from ynotshop. :tdown:
  4. You are right! They emailed me today and said RM bags are not on sale. They should change their web site so that it doesn't take coupon codes for RM bags.

    I am not pleased with the way they wrote the email. I can buy the bag for the same price through language after using lucky coupon. I think I will pass on this bag.

    I am glad I saw your email before replying to ynot. Thanks!

  5. I bought my RM last week using a code from Gretchen's Closet after doing a search on her website. Jessies boutique came up, had the MA Bag on sale, I used the Gretchen's closet code and got another 20% off and free shipping. I was dying to have that bag so I did a lot of work to find it at a good price
  6. No problem.
  7. Greenabyss - thanks for registering and sharing the info with us!
  8. Yes, Greenabyss, that was very thoughtful -- thank you!